Saturday, November 23, 2013

Episode 130: Mega recaps!

amazon drawing
teavana and signatures
house stuff
new job madness flew down
a kathi award
compy broken

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Episode 129: What a week

  • Wed - Got Denied my mortgage. Need to come up with some closing money to go forward.  So we are. Dropped Bag, spilt water bottle... just one of those days. 
  • Thursday - headed north to meet Heather and Sandy. Got to retreat center! Whoa!  Amazing location, amazing "cabins", amazing people, AMAZING FOOD, CAH
  • Friday - HOT! left fire place on and roasted us! Severe sore throat, thought it was just dry, went and got cough drops... no bueno. Lots of classes on Friday, paid bills and dealt with more mortgage stress. Then got a call from company... dropped the ball... oi. Luckily my co-worker saved me.   CAH
  • Saturday - woke up with full blown head cold. Felt terrible. Had the market, went awesome. Thanks to all who made my mom feel like the rockstar she is. split up door prizes with Sarah. Dinner. WAS. AWESOME!!!!!!!! 
  • Sunday - said goodbye and braced for post-retreat sadness! Headed to my honey's. He took great care of me, then proceeded to get sick himself.  Strong Canadian germs(jk, inside joke) 
  • Monday - Headed back to work, after a pretty low key day. 
  • Tues - wed - work. Ran from President today. Avoided delays! OH YEA! A Mary doing well after surgery
  • Great acquistions even though I couldn't win the awesome door prizes. 
  • Prizes will go out Friday for the most part!
  • Awesome donations. Big Thanks to all!
 Special TFR:
  • Awesome retreaters. I'm so glad to have met everyone.