Sunday, September 25, 2011

Episode 30: I'm a Ramblin' Woman

The Wild Kingdom video had to be posted separately so you can see that in the post below.


Numerous trips to Manchester to pick up the Pilatus from scheduled maintenance. Took a load of insulation up to the D.E.W. Wild Kingdom and Sanctuary. Had a little party at our house for a friend! Love getting together!


Cable Comfort Throw
Interrupting Cow Socks
Scathach's Hat #2


Mother Bear #2

Take Off:

Yet another Scathach's Hat for a friend out of MMMMMMalabrigo!

Ground Stop:

Lots of busy at home, but still got a lot done, so not too bad this week.


Absolutely none.


Halcyon Yarns -
         Awesome price on Cardboard bobbins and little trinkets!  40 years in business!(sorry for the              pauses... was texting with my honey! haha) -

I have 15 hats already and I know there are many more coming!!  Getting more and more prizes! Check out the thread on my group and see the prizes at the top of the page. You guys are screaming through the hats!

Amy - Knitting in Circles
Sillyfru - Sassypants Knitter Podcast

Prize donated by Susan and Savannah from Desert Vista Dye Works.  A skein of mono gradient fingering in the Purple Berry colorway

Dawn at Knit Naturally gave me the sweetest compliments! Thanks *blushes*

Liz at Needle Bound Podcast giving us some bear support!  Thanks Liz!

Knitabulls has us by a couple bears... Bring on those BEARS!

Noteable Needles has gone PPC crazy... guess we know who's getting that prize!

GO VOTE and VOTE MANY TIMES!!  If no one votes, then it takes some fun out of the whole process... go check it out!! click on the link above!