Friday, July 26, 2013

Episdoe 120: Don't Wanna Knit

I'll try to get show notes up this weekend... but I'm out straight(busy busy busy) until late sunday! Thanks for your patience!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Episode 119: HOT HOT HOT!

  • Hot
  • Hot HOT
  • Blues Fest
  • Met JJ Abrams and John Travolta's training pilot
  • Knit Night
Take Off:
  • Honey Hat
  • Loop Batt
Special TFR:

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Episode 117: Tour de Fleece

  • Went up north for last week.  2 super hot days then right back to nothing. 
  • Ran on first hot day and didn't plan for extreme elevation. Yikes
  • Ran a nice trail along river, good pace. 
  • Macy's issue... not a happy girl: shipping ugh.
  • Honey had tonsillitis, came home early. 
  • Sat - Zumba. Very fun, but very expensive around here. 
  • Stalked my USPS carrier and got my ring. Honey asked me again! cried all over again!
  • Saw in-laws, ceviche
  • Sun - 40:19 5k.... just gotta keep plugging. Had to cab to AUG for work
  • Mon- more fog
  • Tues-GREAT run. 38:55 in a 5k!!!  SO Excited! Went back to previous runs paces... 39:10 in the RKD race!
  • Future: MN this weekend for wedding location shopping. 
Take Off:
Special TFR:
  • Feeling empowered by success this week with exercise and eating.  Still good and bad days! That's life!