Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Episode 4: Babble

Here I babble away for 28 or so minutes!! Enjoy!!

Warning: I may have cussed(not sure as I recorded twice) and I said the word penis... opps. couldn't help myself


Good travel despite school vacation.  Cats traveling this weekend, hoping for good, uneventful travel; both out of BOS with weather and back with cats on Sunday.  MN accent vs. New England accent. Hi Sister!


La Vie De Bois - small progress
FLS - no progress
VVS(Vintage Vertical Stripe)


Sheldon toy - Totally done now... eyes complete
Sheldon blanket - done
Prayer Shawl - done!

Take Off:

Cousin's Blanket will go on needles soon

Ground Stop:





Babble on about podcasts(please see list at left for the ones I listen/watch).  I also am just starting on Yarnivore, who I am not caught up on but will hopefully do today!!  Big thanks to Leslie from the Knit Girllls for the help in starting the podcast.  Many shout outs to other podcasters!  Come join us on Ravelry... we almost have 100!!!

See you next week!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Episode 3: Rudder Cables and Podcasts

Welcome back to Episode 3: Rudder Cables and Podcasts. ; Busy week of knitting and travel.

Jetsetting: Rudder cable, switched to a different city, oversold flt. Got here,just a little late! Wx pattern has broken! YEA!!!!


Sheldon Blanket
Sheldon toy
February Lady Sweater
Prayer shawl


Nadda!! should have lots for next week though!

Take off:

Prepping for my cousin's wedding gift

Grd stop:



Martha's Vineyard 70% Huacaya, 30% Merino roving


How do i do it all!  Share my podcasts and shout outs from the week.  I'll make sure they are all listed on the side of the blog... sorry to those that i forgot to mention(please plurk me if I forgot... I want all who gave me props to get mentioned) 

Not mentioned, but I'd like to do a longer podcast... there is so much I wanted to mention.  i really want to talk about the people who helped me start podcasting, the awesome video casts that make me laugh, the new knitting toys I bought this week, netflix, books, etc.  I am going to work on splitting my podcast and will practice before next weeks podcast.  I still want to upload to youtube and itunes... So that will be coming!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Episode 2: UNCLE!

Welcome back to the 2nd episode of Knittin' On The Fly: UNCLE!


Weekend trip - canceled flights on friday caused me to get creative, trip back was uneventful! YEA!

Work: loved snow days time to relax, Work was frustrating and ended up in another town last night due to weather, but breaks coming tomorrow, so yea!


Sheldon blanket- no progress
Sheldon toy - going good!
February Lady Sweater - good progress
Prayer Shawl - will cast on soon


Finished one sock of the La Vie De Bois, so that done, but still have one more to do

Take off:

Socks That Rock - Rare Gem

Ground Stop:

FLS - dropped stitches are the devil


Just tired


Cherry Blossom all spun up
CJ Kopec goodness- corriedale - Midnight desire


The Fiberista Files - Heather is soaked with the awesomeness(she is a friend in real life, so its easier to speak all the good stuff) she also showed my spindle that they are fixing cuz I broke it... her spindles ROCK!
Intention Yarns - Focus
Joint Videocast with Heather of the Fiberista Files in the near future
Special Olympics photo that was sent to me!
Ravelry Group:  Thanks SnookiesOz for the banner and badge.  She's AWESOME!  And will start a Reservations Thread.

Have a great week!  See you soon!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Episode 1: Tryin' to figure it out

WELCOME!  I tried 3 times for this podcast, so forgive my rambling!!

Jet Setting - Adventures in Life, Work and Travel -

        *Blizzard and snow days!
        *Travel to Texas

Enroute - On the Needles

          * La Vie de Bois Socks - Highland Handmades yarn and pattern
          * Sheldon Blanket - I Love This Yarn, brown and pink
          * February Lady Sweater - Cascade 220 Heathers, Red Wine
          * Vintage Vertical Crocheted Blanket - bibs and bobs of leftover yarn

Landed - Off the Needles

          *Mitered Hanging Towel - Yellow cotton from my stash

Take Off - Upcoming Projects

          *2 wedding afghans for cousins
          *Sheldon Blanket - Light blue and Dark Blue
          *Socks for me out of Socks That Rock that was gifted to me

Ground Stop - Hang up, epic fails, and moments of confusion in knitting

         *Good knitting week, no fails!

Delays - Whats keeping me from knitting

         *Nothing this week!  Lots of free time for me

Holding Pattern - Spinning

        *Highland Handmades got me into spinning and I've bought most of my spinning supplies from them.  They are my evil enablers.  Here is her blog also: The Fiberista Files
        *Candy Corn - Falkland fiber
        *Cherry Blossom - superwash Merino in pinks and browns
        *Poetic - Merino/Tencel blend in purples and grays and silver
        *Birds Eye spindle

Reservations - Questions about my work, life, aviation, or whatever

       *Nothing this week as it's my first podcast, so please ask questions!

Thanks for watching and see you next week.  Please feel free to email me or comment me with nice critiques.  Please be nice and I'll do my best to take the suggestions and make the podcast more barable for all of you.