Sunday, December 16, 2012

Episode 90: Oldakowski Christmas!

  • Holiday travelers
  •  Break in Boston
  • more winterizing the house
  • dinner with friends
  • good view of planes at work
  • nice chat with a KR-135
  • Striped socks
  • Crosswords at the Coffee Shop 
Take Off:
  •  not sure!
  •  Did about 15 min on my Batt... so excited to finish it!
Ground Stop: 
  •   The scarf for hire... ugh
  •  RAPT gift  by Sheep Dreamery- Keli Martina Behm - Lintilla! SWEET!
  • Sadie Goth Cowl... not sure if I thanked her!
  • Going to do spinning and knitting bags at random. Charminglochie mentioned it and a few other people were talking about it.  Heather is in too.
  • prizes for RAPrizes #2
Special TFR:
  •  Oldakowski Christmas - crazy good times with the family

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Episode 88: Christmas Has Arrived!

  • Worked Wed, Thurs, and half Friday. Bank, ran errands, said Hi at LYS.  Felt like Norm!  I walked in and heard, "Katie O"  It was cool.  Might use Christmas money to join the Knit Happy club.  Party each month, discounts the day of the party, etc. Only $10 a month. 
  • Worked Saturday: totally sucked. Snowed all day, had to deice numerous times, and I knew it was all gonna melt over night as the warm weather moved in... totally fruitless!
  • Sunday: snow is all gone, Had bfast in bed, relaxed, watched football, saw the tree, the hot chocolate, had a horse drawn carriage ride, missed the carolers. Baked Sugar Cookies.
  • Monday: Rough overnight, slept in a bit til about 8 due to not sleeping from 2-5 am. ran errands, ordered fleece lined pants for work, bought long johns, christmas stuff and decorated the outside of the house!
  • Upcoming: Hoping to see Heather soon, Still watching for tickets to MN for Christmas. Ugh... Don't want to Non-rev... too full and too crazy.  
 Take Off:
  • Uniquely Yours Batt in a color shift! Looks great so far! Will Navajo Ply
  • Plied up my Holly Berry. No idea on yardage, as I don't have a skeiner of any kind. 
Ground Stop:
  • Been a good week! No hangups, except for fixing that dropped stitch on my socks!
  • Amazon Winners 2 of you! Please email me at Katie (at) or rav message me with a receipt or picture of you with item! If there are numerous purchases of the same item, just the first person to respond gets the item. You will have 2 weeks to respond and then I redraw. Once I redraw, you have missed your chance!
  • If you purchased: Lester's Dreadful Sweater's or Sunbeam Products Inc Wtr Filter Repl Disc Wffpdq-10 Coffee Maker Parts & Accessories contact me asap!
  •  RAP #1 Winners chosen! See thread on Rav!
  • Ordered some prezzies for Christmas
  • Got Heated Mattress pads... oh yea... keeping me warm!
  • Wolfe Farms order! Choc Mint, Pecan Pie, Candy Corn, Pumpkin Spice lotion, and 2 candles!
  • Memorial hour knitting with/for Karrie
  • Downcast update should be out soon.
Special TFR:
  • The knitters

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Episode 83: Happy Halloween!!

  • Back to work. Fogged in Saturday, cx'd first RT. Played with fire, but it cleared off.
  • Car drama got worse!
  • So good to be working in RKD. People are noticing my attitude and general temperament is totally different!
  • Hurricane SANDY! Sunday weather deteriorated as Sandy approached. Cx'd Monday and Tuesday. Lost power for only 2 hours. Prayers to NJ, NY, WV and the other hard hit areas
  • Bank switch over headache with glimmers of good
  • Saw HX and twisted some yarns
  • Dinner with Honey
  • Prepping for KITM big time. Recording schedule

Take Off:
  • Socks for KITM
  • More cute baby hats and baby socks
Ground stop:
  • Work, storm, getting house ready for guests
  • Amazon shoppers! Drawing next week! Be sure to tune in!
  • Contacted the rest of the Click Winners!
  • LYS visit - exchanged needles and knit a bit
Special TFR:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Episode 82: Kinda Punchy!!!

  • work in Rkd!!! 
  • Cx rt due to bad Wx 
  • found Wendy a hangar - love avit peeps, grocery store, lys pattern
  • went back for cat food, i hate forgetting
  • Saturday was a disaster: diversion to BHB, stuck in BOS! WTH! Honey was home and I was stuck in BOS! Had to go to Walgreen's to get contact solution. Ugh. Was gonna go to Rhinebeck!
  • Sunday and Monday were bumpy but ok. 
  • Car disaster... Oi.
  • KITM in 11!!
  • Clogs
  • STV 1 and 2
  • pig hat
  • Sweater
Take off:  
  • turkey hat
  • Xmas stuff
  • Sillyfru and Sadie hats
Grd stop: 
  • Had ok progress this week!
  • none again! Gonna try to finish
  • Click for babies!!! More hats! Prizes going out!
  • Sheepy Stitch marker from
  • Hats for Sadie and Sillyfru
  • KITM and STV tshirts!
  • Amazon
  • Kitm
  • Won ponkie yarn!!! WOOOOOOOOTTTT!!!
Special TFR:
  • LYS! Had a blast!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Episode 81: Bringing It Home

Jet setting:
  • work fri, sat, countdown going. 
  • Sun was last day, honey showed up, boat broke, gave me a broken plane, sent honey on to wait on MVY, cx a rt, flew down early, headed for boat, left 845 vs. 930, arrived 4 am, 5 hr energy but long drive. Podcasts helped them I needed jams,
  •  Monday - slept in, napped the day away, woke up, watched fb, 
  • Tuesday - went to dropped off baby hats, nov/dec both! we gave them about half their quota!!
  • Began reassembling craft room, lost the pegs took me until Wednesday night to find them.
  •  Laundry, cleaning all the things. 
  • Ate at fave Keag store. 
  • Stir fry Wed with Evan. Car in to get work done, needs a new Emer brake shoe,
  • Thur worked on craft room, helped Aimee and daren, dove to milo to get plane! Went and watched
  • STV 1+2
Take off:  
  • turkey hat
  • felted clogs
  • Xmas stuff
  • tree skirt for brother!
Grd stop:
  • none again!
  • Click for babies!!!
  • Silly Fru- Knit hats for Grammie
  • Trifecta of awesome shipment
  • Amazon ad blocker!!
  • Secret friend revealed!
  • Kitm - 18 days!!  :)
  • Hats fro grammie!
Special TFR:
  • Honey for surpriseing me and being home!!!
Click for babies drawing!!  If you are a winner, please contact me!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Episode 79: We Did IT!!!!

  • Bus to work -Wx was junk the beginning of my week. 
  • Mechanicals - Alternator Problems and stuck needle
  • Kid remembered me from a week ago!
  • KITM coming up in 32 days!!!
  • Did lots of Wendy flying this week!!!  To RKD, BGR, MLT, LCN... woohoo! Heather went with us!
  • HITCHHIKER!!! Finally!!
Take Off:
  • Adams Ribs Hoodie
  • Hang Head -Nothing!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Episode 78: Shred It Up

  • Bus both ways this week as flights were full. 
  • No update on returning early. sigh
  • Came home Tuesday so the whole day is eaten up. 
  • Opened a ton of packages. 
  • Recorded with Heather: if you would like to watch our joint episode! Lots of laughing and me being silly... a few loud spots, so watch your ears.
  • Bank is switching, not sure what I'm gonna do! Might see how it goes and switch to my credit union if I don't like it.
  • House progress: cleaned basement, fixed furnace, shelves in bathroom. Still need to paint
  • made chili and ceviche for work 
  • Shred. Day 5 complete. I like it! I still cuss, but its not as hard. Level 2 next week.
Take Off: 
  • Casting on on Monday for STV green party. Still awaiting the package from Mel, aka SingleHandedKnits
  • Adam's Ribs Hoodie by Carol Sunday . Yarn by Heather. Knit the samples and picked Dark Brown. Sorry, was feeling the brown... keeping the green in mind for my next big project.
  • Headband and fingerless mitts for a co worker maybe
  • Standing by
Ground Stop:
  • life is nuts. Commuting, bus both ways
  • Who's my August Winner? No one contacted me YET! If you bought: "Skiva F101 MediaFlow Composite Video/AV Cable with USB Sync/Charge for iPhone 4S/4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPhone, iPad and iPod"  PLEASE Contact me! More then one winner during November and December as it is holiday buying time! Still time to enter for September!
  • Click for Babies! Thanks for hurrying! :) So many more enroute! :)
  • Jingjing sent a nice message. Joyharmon and nursekimknits also sent great messages.
Special TFR:
  • - super cute things! :) cheap and great shipping options! :) don't kill you on shipping! :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Episode 77: The Randomness!

  • Coming home update! October 15th is the official move to Maine, but I have advised them I'll come home sooner if they will just let me! :)
  • Heather picked me up in BHB and we had some Wendy's and bs'd all the way home. 
  • Went on double date to Longhorn Steakhouse on Tuesday, after I ran.
  • Wednesday and Thursday we went flying. Honey's flight training is coming along well!
  • Wednesday Chiro went awesome! Went to Over The Rainbow and found out I get to help arrange travel arrangements for the Yarn Harlot! :) EEEEeeekkkk!!!! So honored they asked!
  • TV chat!
  • Stripy socks
  • Challenge 4 set 2 of hearts for Mel's Single Handed Knitter Challenge for knitting hearts for soldiers 
Take Off:
  • Adam's Ribs Hoodie by Carol Sunday . Yarn by Heather. Gonna get some samples of browns and knit swatches
  • Headband and fingerless mitts for a co worker maybe
  • Umm.... 
Ground Stop:
  •  Just stuff...
  • Who's my August Winner? No one contacted me. If you bought a iPad to tv AV connector PLEASE Contact me! More then one winner during November and December as it is holiday buying time! Still time to enter for September!
  • Very cool stuff being bought this month on Amazon! THANK YOU!
  • Click for babies! Hats rolling in! Prizes on the FO thread. Want to donate, contact me!Thank you for all the hats and sorry about the date mix up. Due to me by October 1st! Please send by Wednesday/Thursday next week! the 27th of September
  • Thank you Stephaniedk, Allison from Hollywood Knitter and Vicki from Dragonfly soars for the prizes!
Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down: (in place of Special TFR)
  • Thumbs up - Knitters are so great to make purple hats. and baking stuff is awesome!
  • Thumbs Down - Rant here!  Hateful People! If you can't be nice, then shut your mouth. Podcasters are not putting themselves out there for you to evil to. Too many of my podcaster friends have been attacked over the last few years and I'm just sick of it. Constructive Criticism is one thing, being a mean nasty hateful person is not allowed. If you don't like me, then don't watch me. But you don't have to attack me.  And that goes for all my friends.  If I ever find out who is being hateful to my podcaster friends, I will call you out by name. Do you think I'm kidding?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Episode 76: Great Week!!

  • Worked around the house last week, Wx wasn't great so no flying after camping.
  • Huge fly in in Greenville the next weekend, honey went with our friend, Rick. (I was working)
  • Work was turbulent. Huge cold front blew through, dropped the humidty, but the wind associated with it was nasty. Monday was nice but Sunday was crap.
  • Honey picked me up Tuesday, went flying Flew to Greenville and did some landings, beautiful up there!
  • Got BIG work news!!  BACK TO RKD!!! SO HAPPY!!! Transition date on Friday
  • Honey replaced another window, while I did household stuff and then ripped up the carpet in our entry way. Went running, best average ever 11:54 min/mile. No race for me this weekend :( hoping to get some later this month with Heather.
  • Today we put down the flooring, honey did the intricate stuff, did the laundry, made cookies, went flying to Old Town to get gas, wound off my spinning
Take off:
  • Finished plying my Highland Handmades Autumn Evening
Ground Stop:
  • Pretty productive! No delays!
  • Who's my August Winner? Amazon Kindle Fire Gift Card! Contact me! Or I'll have to draw again. more then one winner during November and December as it is holiday buying time!
  • Click for babies! Hats rolling in! Prizes on the FO thread. Want to donate, contact me!
  • Got into the Trifecta!! WOOHOO! First shipment is coming from Highland Handmades.
  • KITM - Coming up soon! I think I am leaving Wednesday as I was invited to stay with a special someone I met at the Retreat last year! OH YEA! 
  • 2nd Expansion Set of Cards Against Humanity
  • STV - Red and purple hearts in Pairs. Mel Moved over last weekend... hope it went well and they are settling in ok!
  • Politically incorrect may be sending me goodies! :)
 Special TFR:
  •  Coming HOME! Thanks for all the support!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Episode 75: Vacation!!!

  • Trip to Rockland for Chiro and to deliver HH to Over The Rainbow Yarn shop
  • Lots of Wendy flying this week. Honey is doing great in flight training. 
  • Camping at North Country Rivers: Flew plane up, gave a ride, flew Heather and I home. Our honey's were nice enough to drive the gear back! It was SO FUN! I think we all had a great time! Honey got slightly wounded from some boiling water, but his foot is healing.
  • Still waiting on more news regarding work situation
  • Worked on projects around the house
  • Enjoyed the time with honey
Take Off:
  • Lord only knows... probably more challenges for STV(Sock The Vote)
  • Set up limitless for plying... I have finished the Autumn Evening fiber from HH and will ply tomorrow
Ground Stop:
  • Thought it was a good week considering I'm on vacation!
  • - My Friend, Barb, has her farm up and selling the fiber from her Romney Cross sheep! Great for those who like to know where the fiber/yarn comes from!
  • Thank you to the viewer who donated the plum crumble to our prize pool for the Click For Babies Drawing! Thank you so much!
  • Mel from SingleHandedKnits is still doing her challenges, come join us! its fun!
  • Starting to get hats for Thanks CraftyDeb! You had the first 2 arrive!
  • 2nd expansion for will be arriving soon!
  • Congrats to the winner of the amazon drawing! Please contact me!
Special TFR:
  • Vacation!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Episode 74: Quite the Week

  • Bus Driver was a Loud Headset fiend! Stopped the bus to find the culprit!!
  • USS Constitution in Boston Harbor, Very cool
  • Party at my landlord's: good food and done early!
  • They added a round trip on Sunday... long day with no break!
  • Was denied my vacation slide on Sunday
  • Found out I may not be back in Maine until October... very sad and hearbroken
  • Went flying
  • Hung with Heather and Helped her out, went to dinner with her and Paul and my honey and I
  • Found out vacation slide was APPROVED! Thanks to those that made it happen!
  • Flying on Thursday! Flew Wendy through our first rain storm! :) Kinda bumpy!
  • Hitchhiker
  • Pig Hat
  • Small sock for Single Handed Knits STV KAL
  • Aviator Hat
Take Off:
  • Striped sock for Sock the Vote, Knitabulls and Just one more Row KALS! Adding green stripe
  • more small socks for Mel
Ground Stop:
  • Been a good week!
  • Cousin had a baby girl, Emmaline Deanne, 6 lbs 10 oz, forgot the picture in cast, so I'll put one here!
  •  Laugh.Love.Knit - first ebook and all proceeds go to charity
  • Thank you for the nice emails, plurks, rav messages, etc
  • Amazon update on why some things aren't showing up and clicking through. Thanks for understanding!
  • Click for Babies - Lets get doing those hats
  • Baby blanket drive with knitalittle
  Special TFR:
  • Helmet for Motorcycle school next week. My honey and I bought it! :) I LOVE HIM!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Episode 73:

  • Work was work! Same old madness, nothing ever changes
  • Pilot from United - Kripkey from Big Bang Theory
  • Mad dash for bus on Monday night. 
  • Hoping to only have 2 more trips to MVY, but we have no sure bid yet. 2 more weekends and then I go on Vacay and should start back in RKD if all goes correctly. 
  • Went to meet Lois (knittingsmybag) in Dexter with Heather on Wednesday! SO MUCH FUN!! She is so wonderful, I got a present! WOOT!
  • Unexpected trip to Bangor with Heather. Huge accident on way back and we drove through Deliverence to get home! scary!
  • No Wendy love this week... Weather was NOT cooperative.
  • Turkey! went out in mail! Baby is coming via scheduled c-section on Monday. Considering how much she freaked with false labor, I figure a cute hat will brighten her day!
Take Off:
  • Cute baby hats.
  • Also picked out yarn for Stripey socks KAL's in September. Knitabulls and Just one more Row are doing KAL's. Christmas socks! Present from Honey last year, with the assist on Etsy from Heather!
  • Finished spinning the Limitless. Will split with the drill later, ply next weekend
  • Started HH Autumn Evening: O M G  Amazing... thinnest I have EVER spun anything!
Ground Stop:
  • Knitting fell out of bag in BOS, had to call and have hitchiker rescued. It is in BOS and I"ll pick it up Friday. SCARY!
  • Click for Babies - contact me for address or if you'd like to donate prizes! I'd love to have some great things... we had lots of wonderful donations last year! Let's do it even bigger!
  • - Make Bison our National Mammal! We don't have one and we want bison to win!
  • Donate for Lynn Zimm's Make a Wish Race
  • Knitalittle and daughter's doing a premie knitting drive for El Paso area hospitals.
  • New stuff on website: Banner on left to help out sister, Page on right to get to click for babies tag. More links will be added there, as I know know how to add pages(thanks Heather)
Special TFR:
  • Cards Against Humanity: Debbielynn42 got me the expansion pack!! EEEEKKK!!!  She is gonna send it to me!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Episode 72: Bill Murray is a Fan, of Me?!

  • Bus to work
  • Work was crazy: double fueled, mx issues, cx'd flights, poor pax. 
  • Am exploring other work options more aggressively
  • Flying this week in Wendy. Radio has been sent back to be properly repaired. Heather and Paul got to go.  Honey and I went on Thursday!
  • Tree fell down
  • Honey birthday quickly as we woke up late! Made him a cake! and did some decorating on the house!
  • Limitless in HH SW Merino    
 Ground Stop:
  • Same old... its summer and I don't wanna knit! Too much fun stuff to do!

Special TFR:

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Episode 70: The Sister Is Here

Shownotes later today!

Jet setting:

Sara here!! Major delay in MKE, got her return flt changed for free! Winery, Paul Bunyan statue, breakwater, sushi, shopping, boat ride, dinner at rock harbor, campfire

Turkey hat



Take off:

More baby hats



Grd stop:

Sister here

Thanks for shopping on Amazon!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Episode 69: 3 years for the WIN!

 anniversary week:
  • mvy and bos crews got me out early to make the bus 
  •  was watching pursuit of happyness and back to the future 
  • Also watched sadie... you are killing me with calling me out and the heavy fingering... 
  • Watch knititn wolf - told me not to eat the chapstick! :) love the licky lips 
  • FroggyMonkey Gave me a hard time too! :) haha
  • Gave honey a gift! Trailer! :) he loved it! thanks to brother, mom and hx and paul for the help. couldn't have done without my secret minions!!
  • Thursday to RKD
  • Missed Gnomeacres by 39 minutes
  • Crazy Friday
  • hitchiker is all i worked on 
  • Turkey Hat
  • Nothin
Take Off:
  •  northin
  •  Limitless in HH SW Merino
Ground stop
  • Life and Work  as usual
Special TFR:
  • My Honey - Enjoy the anniversary montage of my honey and I!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Episode 68: Shorty and slightly out of order

Shownotes in progress:


  • Heather and Paul rescued from Bus stop. Went to lunch/dinner
  • Hung out with them on Wednesday
  • Day OFF WITH MY HONEY!!  So fun! Went swimming and to dinner... so nice to spend time with him.  We get 2 days together next week! eek!
  • Mom made it home safe, thanks for all the nice comments of how young she looks... she and I are both very flattered. You will meet my sister in a couple weeks.
  • Sister is coming to visit in a couple weeks!! SO EXCITED!! Fixed the ticket problem that arose!

  • Ummmm, almost a hat!
Take Off:
  • ummm.....
  •  Limitless in SW Merino from Highland Handmades! Love!
Ground Stop:

  • Amazon shoppers: Modems! Carts! books! Clothes! You are all awesome! Thank you for your purchases!
Special TFR:
  • MY HONEY! He has changed my life and I love him so much for that. He has shown me what life should be like! :)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Episode 66: No TITLE!

  • Bus to Bos. Drove into a huge rainstrom
  • TFR issues, only slight delay
  • JIM BELUSHI! Super nice guy!
  • Wandered around Vineyard Haven
  • Bought a few souvenirs and something that reminds me of my honey.
  • Work scheduled 7 of 8 days to schedule transitions. 
  • Mom is in NY.  So excited! Hoping to do some fun stuff!
  •  nadda
Take Off:
  • baby hat and booties for sister
  • still no Kopec package
  • Nadda
Ground Stop:
  • Long work days
  • Sara baby stuff- She is so excited that you are helping! Thank you to all who have already contacted me... If you are interested, send me a PM!
  • csthompk, margokp, grammiesnowbird thanks!
  • Hats for Barry's wife- Anyone interested let me know
  • Whimsicalrain, putdowntheyarn thanks!
  • Mother bear KAL/CAL - Barb and Tracy from 2 Knit Lit Chicks. Info here
  • pattern from Wendy of Knit 1 Heart too - Ruby Slippers Shawlette! WOOT! thanks!
Special TFR:
  •  Radio Free Burrito - Wil Wheaton Hilarious!
  • And suction cup window shades - priceless
I'm Gonna Love You Through It Video  link

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Episode 65: A Mixed Bag, with Good news!

Show notes tomorrow! Sister is doing the American Cancer Society Relay for Life fundraiser. She will be making a basket(or two) for the silent auction! she's so excited!

  •  MN Trip: Bday party and baseball were super fun, katie swap to get to the cities, aunt took me to airport, crazy thunderstorms, easy travel to boston and mvy... sorry! no horrible travel stories for you! :)
  • Upcoming visitors! Mom arriving sat or sun.  Sister will be here the end of July!!  woot woot!!
  • Great News!! Swaps are coming back to Boston! (On a bus to Logan as I type these show notes actually)
  • Nadda
Take Off:
  • Still no package from USPS from CJ Kopec.... :( boohiss
  • Spun on the wheel the Limitless from HH
  • Goals for Tour de Fleece: Spin everyday: Silk on Spindle, Batt on Wheel... but need to finish limitless and free up a bobbin
  • Amazon shoppers! Thanks AGAIN!!
  • Baby items for my sister's silent auction fundraiser for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life auction. She needs them by the 11th of July. Please PM me for her address!
  • Red and Blue hats for coworkers wife who will be losing her hair due to Breast Cancer. 
  • Click for Babies collection will start August and September! 
  • Lots of pictures at the end!
Special TFR:
  • LogTen Pro - Electronic Logbook for flying!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Episode 63: A Day In The Life...

  • Turbo charger debacle
  • Alpaca visit
  • Frolic who I met???
  • Trailer load it drive up
  • Work on milo!
  • 172 trip was exciting
  • Camper up this weekend
  • Fiber fun with Heather and Paul on Sunday
  • Mn trip looming
  • Hitchhiker
  • Ridge lines
  • Nope
Take off
  • Package from Cj Kopec sample knit!
  • Silk at frolic on spindle
Grd stop
  • Life is just so crazed!!!
Special TFR:

Monday, May 28, 2012

Episode 62: Feeling behind!

  • Travel back and forth from Nashua is going fine. 
  • Have tips that some may be leaving, so anxiously awaiting results from interviews for my co workers, so I can go back to Maine.
  • Will be off Thursday afternoon and will have lunch with a friend flying in from JFK for Delta and we are going to have lunch. 
  • Heading to MN for bday party and baseball in a few weeks. 
  • Mom coming with a friend in June! woot!
  • Absolutely nothing
Take Off:
  • baby stuffs
  • nothing... but prepping for some spindle action
Ground Stop:
  • work on the house, appriasal went well. 
  • work - long days no energy
  • MariGayle - Exchange student in Fiberland - sent me a Romi Hill pattern! Thanks!
  • Amazon -  Thanks, Someone bought a nail gun!
  • Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rare Gems Earth
  • Over the Rainbow Yarn - presents! and prizes! awesome ladies!
  • Katie O Royale Fiber! My idea, Heather's talent to make it work and understand my horrible colors suggestions

Special TFR:
  • ING

Monday, May 21, 2012

Episode 61: A Mish Mash

 *New info starts at: 46:40 and is more babbling and thank you's!

  • MVY Week
  • Work on the house
  • randomness and visits with Heather
  • Still running - BIG WIN 
  • Nope
  • Ridgelines
  • Ball Sack
  • Nothin'! 
Ground Stop:
  • Life and work 
  • Socks a la carte 2 - Toes Up - Jonelle raffino and Katherin Cade enabled by Tinygeekcrafter
  • Amazon
  • Sheila - shawl suggestion! Thanks, I'm so flattered!
  • Over the Rainbow Yarn! Gonna rock the house!
  • Fiber frolic
  • Ravelympics
  • Tour de Fleece 
Special TFR:
  • Love my mustache mug
  • Friends: IRL and online!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Episode 60: A Visitor

Will try to finish show notes tomorrow

  • Thank you to my Trifecta of Awesome angels.  I thank all of you... Heather and the two who remained anonymous... I don't know who you are... but you are awesome and I hope the good karma is coming back around to you!  I'm flattered that you donated your funds to keep me in the running for the club!
  • AuntSuzeN - gifted me the Child's Sock Yarn Sweater by Hannah Fettig

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Episode 59: Victories and Frustrations!

  • Ran the whole 5k!!!! HOLY CRAP! Advice: would interval training help with breathing and pace over running long lengths of time? Gonna start doing some intervals to help with speed and breathing
  • Clothes are enroute to me now from Mom, bought a exercise shirt 2 sizes smaller then last time I bought exercise clothes!
  • May have somewhere to live! woot woot!
  • Pilot had good interview, but they had no room left in the classes
  • Working on other things, but its still frustrating. 
  • Wired my car for towing
  • Saw Heather to hug her, she needed it!
  • Got a Wendy update! We are on the down hill slide! In a Good way!
  • Trillian  - Out of Great Lakes Hand Dyed - Jet Stream
  • Vanilla socks out of Zauberball - RIPPED! In time out! 
  • Mini Sock Earring #2
  • Mini Sock Earring
Take Off:
  • Ridgelines Shawl by Lisa Beamer(fibernymph)out of my Titagal Farm Handspun
  • More sock earrings
  • Plied and soaked and dried my Tintagal Farms.  512 yards from 4 oz! My best ever!!!
  • Started HH SW Merino - Limitless
Ground Stop:
  • The usual
  • MGYC!
  • Trifecta of Awesome from Fibernymph. Thank you to my secret angel!
  • Wolfe Farms - goodies 
  • LYS in my town! Over the Rainbow Yarn
  • Kandiland -Lazy Katie Tuch/Shawl
  • Amiee - Yes, Madame
  • See fundraisers in last weeks show notes
Special TFR:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Episode 58: Up, Down, Down, Up...

  • Traveled to MN - Easy going out. Honey drove me down at 3 am to Portland, caught the first flight(barely), held due to bad weather, ran for a flight and missed it! BARELY! So I caught the next one. ORD is a huge airport! Lots of walking that day.  Got in mid day, went shopping with my sis: shoes, running shoes, Twins T-shirt. Fun times. Had family dinner with crew at a local bar!(gotta love small towns). Barely made it to 9 pm and crashed out! dug around in the morning Sat, lunch with grandparents, chicken and biscuits! SO GOOD! Then wedding and dinner and dancing! Left the next morning, go to DTW just fine and then mean gate agent, Over sold flights(stupid spring break forgot about that) Great jumpseater from Delta saved me! Whew! Rode to RKD on Cape Air!
  • Days off with honey: Always good. Picked up my island car, got it registered, built raised beds, dug out huge garden area: 3 hours worth, planted aspargus, garlic, horseradish. Rained all day today, no more planting today. Hopefully tomorrow. Working for Cape Air Sunday afternoon and Monday. 
  • Wendy update!!
  • Cape Air update: Guam situation, Cape Air, Wiggins, Lifeflight, Charter in PWM, Oh my!
  • No where to live in Vine yet.  Stress is overwhelming
  • Got to go to an unemployment meeting! Riveting!
  • 5K training - Heather and I are being major support for each other. We are struggling on different fronts! Join the thread! Any fitness goals! 5k-er's share your races!
  •  Trillian  - Out of Great Lakes Hand Dyed - Jet Stream
  • Vanilla socks out of Zauberball... not sure i love it... might be too big(again)
  • Nothing
Take Off:
  • Probably baby stuff at some point
  •  Maybe 10 min worth of the Raspberry Lemonade from Highland Handmade
Ground Stop:
  • Stress
  • Wedding - productive and unproductive
  • Thank you to those that have contacted me about the Jacob's Fleece. Awaiting a shearing day. 
  • Thank you to those that have contacted people on the vineyard. I appreciate that you are watching out for me.
  • Marty's Dad is a crocheter! He said it keeps his mind sharp! Very cool!
  • Knitters for Knockers - Meliabella from the His and Hers Podcast, I think her walking buddy needs donations
  • Rainlover Knits - Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
  • Pattern by Megan - LaughLoveKnit - Pillars of Strength proceeds are split between Melissa and Sarah
  • My Sister is walking for The American Heart Association if anyone wants to donate to that and for the Humane Society, in separate events.
Special TFR:
  • My support crew: All of you and my honey and family. Help to keep me sane. A lot of stress.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Episode 57: SQUEEE!!!

  • Ran a butt ton of errands: car to get fixed for island, my car got a hitch, worked around house/yard, cleaned both cars(my honey rocks), bought some mulch, some seeds for flowers and food garden. Bummed about Asparagus! Boohiss!
  • Went to a dinner party: overwhelmed, but very cool experience!
  • Wendy Update!
  • Cape Air Update
  • LifeFlight of Maine
  • Up to see Heather: mass winding and splitting of fiber
  • Off to MN for wedding this weekend. Might see some baseball. Honey has to work. :(
  • Trillian  - Out of Great Lakes Hand Dyed - Jet Stream
  • *crickets*
Take Off:
  • Vanilla socks with a fleegle heel!
  • Plied thwacked the Barlett. Nice loft. First time experiencing that. Will not try the center pull ball method again, ick.
  • Still need to ply the Tintagal Farm
Ground Stop:
  • Busy around the house and enjoying that. Keeping busy to keep mind of stress!
  • Thanks to Nanette for the PJ'S!!!  Woohoo!
  • Amazon Thanks! Keep on shopping!
  • Rachel - Knit Me Happy Podcast  is doing a KAL to raise awareness for Endometriosis. My mom and aunt suffer from this, so I remember how much pain my mom was in when I was younger. 
  • SunFunLiving - Helping women in Haiti who have no way to make money! Donations of yarn, money, hooks etc.  Go check her out! She is in Haiti now!
  • My Aunt is a rock star. Channel 9 Top Teacher of the year in MN! Awesome!
  • 2 emails from Brenda of Cast-On! squeal!
  • Josh Woodward video of Learn to fly... kinda funny towards the end! :)
  • New section on the end.
  • 5k thread. Heather and I running Bar Harbor 5k in September. She is looking for one sooner. Goals for the Run for me.
  • Sheila's son Zach's rep Paul finished the boston marathon in 4:39... pretty good considering it was 90 degrees!(or so)
  • Knitters for Knockers - Meliabella from the His and Hers Podcast, I think her walking buddy needs donations
  • Rainlover Knits - Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
  • Pattern by Megan - LaughLoveKnit - Pillars of Strength proceeds are split between Melissa and Sarah
  • My Sister is walking for The American Heart Association if anyone wants to donate to that and for the Humane Society, in separate events.
  • DEW Animal Kingdom - Have 7 Jacob's Fleece. If anyone would like one, I ask for at least $25 donation to DEW. I can send it raw, or have it processed(you pay for processing). Let me know if you are interested. Unsure of quality... more a reason to donate, not gonna be a perfect fleece. Contact me if you want one!
Special TFR:
  •  Spring! getting ready to garden! few more weeks, but prepping!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Episode 56: Riding the Wave

  • Not the update I wanted on the Cape Air front.  But the silver lining is that maybe this is the opportunity for Wiggins to call and give me a job in a couple weeks! Lets send out those vibes!
  • Cape Air Update -  CRAZY Week! Wow, what a madhouse
  • Took Wendy to Bar Harbor for repairs. Crazy story there!
  • Heading home next weekend for a good ole Minnesota wedding! Love it!
  • J Baby Socks
Take Off:
  • Vanilla socks with a fleegle heel!
  • Tintagal Farms in Tidepool is done and resting. Will ply soon. 
  • Finished the Bartlett Yarns Pencil roving that I got from Heather and Hubby. and Plied it today.
Ground Stop:
  • Worked! and they made me work! Geesh, the nerve
Special TFR:
  • Kudo Case for Ipad.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Episode 55: What to Talk About

  • Went to hang with Heather and Hubby on Saturday. Was SUPER productive! That's how the last trip was supposed to be... but no ralphing this time... but there was a toilet situation that was cured with a plunger... thank god! 
  • Spent time with honey, did stuff around town and the house. Pretty low key.
  • Emailed with Wiggins. They are stretched pretty thin lately and won't make a decision for a few weeks. So I need a job....
  • Put in my bid with Cape Air, results tomorrow! Where in Maine will KT be? RKD I hope!
  • Wendy airplane news: We are trying to find a mechanic to put the plane back together and make it so I can fly it to Bar Harbor and they are going to fix it up! Baby steps! But I am itching to fly again, 3 weeks is too long to not fly. I am so excited to get her back running, as is the honey!
  • Civil War Shawl - 620 stitches/round - On round 106 so far.
  • Trillian  - Out of Great Lakes Hand Dyed - Jet Stream
  • Baby Socks - Almost done! More will be on the needles soon!
  • Nothing
Take Off:
  • Baby stuff - another person I know is pregnant and so I  need to get going for them!
  • Working on Tidepool - from Tintagal Farms still
Ground Stop:
  • Still being productive as I am still unemployed.
  • Thank you to Kimberlolly for the Blue Ivy Pattern! Bottom Up Shawl!  Great wake up to the day!
  • Mad 79 - Melanie Douglas 's designer page- Huntington’s Disease Society of America. Her husbands family suffers from this horrible disease, so raising funds to work toward a cure is very near and dear to her heart
  • Knit 1 Heart 2 - Fundraiser for Sheila's Son's Marathon Rep, Paul! Every $5 gets an entry for prizes, anything $25 or higher gets you an entry for Wollmeise!
  • Knitters for Knockers - Meliabella from the His and Hers Podcast
  • Rainlover Knits - Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
  • Pattern by LaughLoveKnit - Pillars of Strength proceeds are split between Melissa and Sarah
  • My Sister is walking for The American Heart Association if anyone wants to donate to that and for the Humane Society, in separate events.
  • Dawn - Wolfe Farms mentioned me and the amazon link! Thanks!
  • Someone bought a lawnmower! That's awesome! 
  •  Thanks for the shoppers!
  • Trifect of AWESOME Fiber Club!  Melissa dyed up the "Radiant as the Sun" colorway A la Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games! GREAT JOB! Love it!
  • Thank you Secret angel!
Special TFR:
  •  Turkey Burgers and Ceviche! - made myself and delicious!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Episdoe 54: I want a job...

  • Honey has been home on vacation, working around house, but not much to talk about here this week. Have done some running. Gonna run a 5k with Boutrosbabe this summer... we discussed it last week when she was here! YEP!
  • Been cold here... snow coming tonight and tomorrow... ugh.
  • No News on the job yet. I called Tuesday and have gotten no response. Worried, but not panicing quite yet. Spoke to a pilot last night with some news
  • New bid is out for Cape Air, but not due until next week. So hoping to get get news on the freight job and not have to do the Cape Air bid at all!
  • BFF from High School's baby shower is tomorrow. Sent her present off and it should be there today, with plenty of time before the shower. 
  • Heading up to see Heather and honey this weekend. Gonna help her for a full day and wind her enough sock yarn to dye for the next week! (i hope)
Take Off: 
  • More baby stuff for friend and Honey socks, I think... I have been kind of random and spontaneous lately with my knitting!
  • um.....
Ground Stop:
  •  Nothing - been a busy week!
Special TFR: 
  •  Wild Fibers magazine - my friend Linda

Friday, March 23, 2012

Episode 53: SO MUCH BABBLE(long)

  • Phone Interview, so I really didn't travel... but it was important! Called today for update. Waiting!!!!!
  • Felt very under the weather last week... like days 3-5 of the flu from before.
  • Friday I felt better and went to Augusta to meet Ellen, Vicrock on Rav.
  • She judges cat shows! I went to the cat show! WOW!
  • Road tripped with honey to work on Sunday, knit, hung out and drove home with him late Sunday night. 
  • 4.42 miles "walk" on Monday! Great beach and wildlife(and trash)
  • Worked around house, garden etc. Honey dug up garden, I dug up horseradish, fail! Gonna get more tomorrow
  • Honey has almost all week off next week! WHEE! So excited! He SO deserves some time off
  • Upcoming: Hunger Games Premiere weekend on Sunday! Wedding in April in MN
Take Off:
  • Zauberball vanilla socks using the fleegle heel on an adult sock?
  • Hitchhiker or Trillian in the Jet Stream Colorway also I think
  • Very little bit on the wheel... not much patience with it this week. 
Ground Stop:
  • Gorgeous outside... don't wanna craft! Wanna play outside!
  • Knitabulls - Thanks for the pick me up!
  • Thanks to Ellen for the treats!
  • Towels and Goodies from Knitalittle in TX! Love her little treats! Planning a trip to drop things off next week. 
  • Amazon thanks! Love looking at the stuff! Here is what I see! No personal info anywhere!
  • Thanks to Rae Lynn and Saeli for the bday/pick me up gift!
  • Bday Presents from Heather!
Special TFR:
  • Tajin - is a flavoring for fish, chicken, fruit, veggies... fave is on Apples and fish so far. Thanks to Knitalittle for the treat! You are officially my supplier, if I can't find it here!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Episode 52: Lots of Travel

  • Travel to Dallas was exciting, ended up in Shreveport
  • Conference Review: Ran into Susan, Connie, Tori, missed Romayne!
  • Met with a bunch of ravelers! Sarah (rainlover), Dawn(texaspurlgurl), Diana (disfordiana), Alissa (KnittingFairy), Melanie (ntrlycrly), Liz (happytexan), Sherilyn (Sherilyn), Tasha (bijouxmaster), Angela (AngelaRWB)
  • Got to see some old friends that I haven't seen in 7 years!
  • Travel back was great, flew into Boston, jumped up on Cape Air
  • Birthday fun! Funfetti Cake, Sweatshirt, entry fee's to WAI, roadhouse certs, $$, cards, sushi, Keag Breakfast,
  • Been getting some late night fueling to help the pay situation!
Ground Stop:
  • Birthday Weekend!
Special TFR:
  • Good friends and Honey!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Episode 51: Podcaster PJ Party

  • 58 hours of work in 4 days. First day was blizzard-ed out! Stayed home safely.  Drove to AUG at 420am on Friday. Work was a little cray but ended up working out of RKD for the weekend. Got lots of knitting time with breaks all weekend. 
  • Had to drive back from AUG on Sunday night, ended up putting the plane away and getting some extra $$
  • Found out they probably will not use me on the Pilatus... feel betrayed yet again. UGH!
  • Bidding for a spot in one of 5 spots: get me back in the groove for summer in RKD. 
  • Baby shower March 31st, not sure if I'll make it but am trying to get stuff done.
  • ????? crickets ??????
Take Off:
  • Ummm... baby stuff??
Ground Stop:
  •  58 hours of work cut into my crafting time at home.
  • Trifecta of Awesome Fiber Club - First shipment from Heather of Highland Handmades. Shetland Fiber - As you wish colorway from The Princess Bride LOVE!
  • CJ Kopec - Guts, Grit and Pink Lipstick new vidcast. Can't believe I forgot to mention it last week. 
  • Thanks for feedback on book and hat... hat is gonna be tough for me.
  • Thanks to the podcasters who are recording in their PJ's... I appreciate you playing along! I haven't caught up with everyone, so I'm not going to name the ones I have or have not seen yet... but thanks for participating and being relaxed with yourself and amusing all of us viewers!
  • Drawing for prizes in the Snuggles Thread! Get you number! Congrats everyone!
  • DPN holder from Carolyn of the Girlfriends Knitting Podcast. Also got stitch markers and a row counter from! Never knew how to use it!
  • Sister update - Upper GI scope next week. She is very positive and ready to take it on and be healthy again once the problem is resolved!
  • Thank you Amazon shoppers! Kindle buyers!!!  Thank you!
Special TFR:
  • Draw Something - Froggymonkey mentioned it, and then I started seeing people mention it on their podcasts, so i'm not sure where the ball started rolling... but it is very fun!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Episode 50: Hello Snow! (about time)

  • Not food poisoning! Full blown influenza. Pretty miserable set of days off. 
  • Missed out on SPA in Freeport, ME. 
  • Going to stay with friends in Ft. Worth, so excited to see them and meet the newest addition and she's almost a year old!
  • Gonna meet with the rockstars and Dawn of Knit Naturally. Probably going to get to meet Rainlover, (sarah) also! Trying to work out the schedule now!
  • Went to Bangor yesterday and got a new suit for the conference, took it to my tailor today and she is gonna get is all adjusted correctly!
  • Dentist - good and bad... mostly good
  • Sister news - please send out some happy/healing thoughts, prayers, karma etc.
  • Work all weekend, of course, with a full blown snow storm coming. Just my luck! no cancellations as of now. We'll see what happens.
  • Nothing finished!
  • Worked on the Barlett yarn fiber more: half way done
  • Started this:  Tidepool from Tintagal Farms. Bought at MDSW... spinning like a DREAM!
Ground Stop:
  • The Flu - enough said
  • MuffinMegnMe sent me the Entrelac Shawl with Tassels from Helylle Design
  • Amazon Thanks to everyone
  • Prize review for Snuggle Project!
  • Thank you to Sarah, of Apple Blossom and More for donating a project bag. Pics on Rav Page 
  • Thank you to Debbielynn42 for the Chandail from Triona Murphy Designs. Sweater is kinda scary when I read through the pattern
  • HELP with making the Katy Perry Hat
  • MGYC - woot! Great package... AGAIN!
  • Melissa Morgan-Oakes winner from the Jessalu 7 year anniversary giveaway! I got them all signed!!!
Special TFR:
  •  My sister

    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    Snuggle Prizes! Get them FINISHED!

    Here is a reminder of the prizes I'm going to give away in my group for the snuggle project:

    From Christy (TwistedKnitwits) at Hiwassee Creek Dyeworks - A skein of DK Loft in the Chokecherry Colorway!

    This following bag was donated by Sarah of Apple Blossom and More. She has donated patterns in the past, and has graced us with this wonderful knitting project bag! I love the fabric!

    I am also going to donate a set of stitch markers, a set of DPN protectors, and a project bag! Make sure you are a member of the group, post your photo and win! Good luck! 

    *Each person can only win once

    Thursday, February 23, 2012

    Episode 49: Food Poisoning

    • Travel to HYA for a meeting. 
    • Worked a 14 hour day Saturday, which made for 6 in a row. (TOO MANY)
    • 1 day of flying left (for sure) in the Pilatus. tomorrow is cancelled. 
    • Toboggan Chute in Camden, ME!  SO FUN!
    • Spent the day in Bedford, MA 
    • Went to visit Heather... was sick! Then I poisoned my honey... I think it was evil lasagna.
    Take Off:
    • Cousins blanket needs to get back on the needles. 
    • Worked with Schacht more to fix my wheel.  I think we have it all figured out! Cindy is awesome!
    Ground Stop:
    • Too much fun with Honey! Plus I have been busy with other stuff and not overly excited with any project. Sock overload.
    • Monkey socks
    • Great heel replacement idea from the owner in WV. REPLACE IT! 
    • New to me(in the last month or so) Podcasts:
      • Girlfriends Knitting with Carolyn
      • Knit Purl Gurl with Karrie 
      • Retro lemon Podcast with Jenna  
      • Muffin, Meg and Me
    • Audio Podcasts -
      •  Just One More Row with
      •  2 Knit Lit Chicks - (thanks for the shout out) with Barb and Tracie
      • Happy Crafter 207 - Lori - Maine based podcast.  Not far from me
    Special TFR:
    • The Big Bang Theory - Love them! 

    Thursday, February 16, 2012

    Episode 48: Luvs All The Things(and People)

    • Great weekend with honey! Texas Roadhouse, Shopping, Cup holder for Kick, bookcase, bins, ball winder, oh my!
    • Heather and Honey war over a ball winder!
    • Made some DPN holders, I love them! Recreated one that was gifted to me. 
    • West Virginia for work - very pretty. finished log book, caught up on DA, started watching upstairs, downstairs.
    • Made a ringtone from a remix! 
    • Heather next week to be a helper monkey
    • Dallas in March for WAI conference
    • Work situation still unknown length. (hate the unsettling feeling)
    Take Off:
    • Still emptying the HO Bins
    • Been working on my wheel with Schacht as it is grinding... still haven't figured it out. Some drop spindling on the HH Falkland
    Ground Stop:
    • Spend time with my honey... I don't craft as much when he's around.We are busy spending time with each other!
    • Huge thanks to everyone shopping at amazon and linking through the show notes page! Thanks so much! So many great things on there! There are groceries!
    • So many V-day cards! That's fantastic! I felt so overwhelmed!
    • Needlework Barn in WV - goodies were purchased! 
    • Thanks Melanie(fourkittieshaveI) for all the towels 
    • Podcaster PJ Week!  Week of March 4th to the 10th!
    • New Cup... :( but :)
    • 532 Members! awesome!
    Special TFR:
    • LILYPAD!

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    Episode 47: Lots of FO's!!

    • Logbook - takes forever! 
    • Went to lunch with Mary. 
    • Super Bowl - Oi Pats and Good wings
    • Pittsburgh to meet Fibernymph, Lisa of 90% Knitting
    • Knit One, then Natural Stitches. Very cool people that work there, lots of cool stuff!
    • Cleveland next week on Wednesday.
    • Secret Project Done
    • Lizbeth is done 
    • 3 dishcloths
    Take Off:
    • Honey's socks - In Ethereal Fibers Cracked Pepper
    Holding Pattern:
     Ground Stop:
    • Work search, meetings, Log book, but not a bad week!
    Special TFR:
    • Nutella - so good on so many things!

    Thursday, February 2, 2012

    Episode 46: Happy Podiversary!!

    • Crazy long day turned out to be better then planned!
    • Friday/Saturday - nasty storm(I hunkered down)
    • basic work week. Lots of time with honey! watched football... eh game, but good wings, 
    • Lots of fog on wednesday! late start to the day.. showed at 6 am, left at 930!
    • Next step with Cape Air... Not sure what to do.
    Take Off:
    • Baby stuff still on my brain
    • Plyed the Cj Kopec fibers using my new lazy kate! WOOT! now to wind into skein and soak!
    Ground Stop:
    • Life is stressful right now and lots to do besides crafting
    • 1 YEAR PEOPLE!!  Year in review! 
    • playwithcolors (Andrea) - gifted me the Sedona pattern from Lisa Dykstra! Thanks!! 
    • knitamaniac (gail)-  gifted me Zeke the Aloof Alpaca from Rebecca Danger Designs, Thanks
    • muffinmegnme(jocelyn) - gifted me Airplane, plane or aeroplane from Kookla Creations
    • Aimee (froggymonkey) - stitch markers! 
    • Donation from Melanie! Thanks so much for that! 
    • Drawing for the 2 patterns from Lisa Dykstra to be knit in her virtual hug as she battles onward!
    • An additional 2 patterns were donated by StitchinOutLoud! Thanks so much!!!
    • Drawing for pattern prizes! (Congrats Cdsgifts and artistmaybe have notified me so far!)
    • 1 year podiversary Drawing for Goodies!! (congrats NanaMama, Alcatmom, Emilyk3661 has contacted me so far)
    • Links for Prize Donaters:
      1. SpinunKnit Project Bags
      2. PaletPC - Donated the StarAthena’s Stumptown Knits Pattern Club
      3. KnitfyRed - Donated her Woobie Pattern Collection!
      4. NerdGirl - donated 3 raverly patterns!
      5. Embree22 - donated the Toes for Every Body by Wendy D. Johnson
    • Thanks to Heather from Highland Handmades for the Podiversary shoutout! Heart you hard!
    • Sadie - Blueruin of yarnivore - I totally do the same with pj pants and recording!
    • Amazon purchases are much appreciated! Thanks so much! Downton Abby?? Might have to try it out... I have it queued on netflix!

    Thursday, January 26, 2012

    Episode 45: Things are... Changing


    Job update. Crazy travel for the Checkride at Cape Air, Checkride went awesome, Went up to see the honey. We watched some football(so much DRAMA! I called it!) and I made some KILLER wings! Recipe from a dear friend of mine. Worked, hung with honey, went to some meetings, worked today. Got to meet (insert here!) WENDY and SHEILA from the Knit 1, Heart 2 podcast! They are awesome! Crazy long day tomorrow, but then a long weekend off and most of it with my honey, so that's fantastic!

    Take Off:
    • Super secret project - yarn is ordered!
    Ground Stop:
    • Not too much holding me back this week!
    • Did some drop spindling - Highland Handmades Falkland - Katahdin colorway
    • Lots of kind emails again from everyone!
    • Donation from Spinunlady of a project bag donation for my 1 year anniversary! Thanks!
    • Anyone else if you want to donate, please contact me!
    • Mad79 sent me Tulips, A Colorful Cardigan for Baby from Lindsay Pekny Designs! Thanks
    • Embree22 for the great fabric! Awesome!
    • Snuggle KAL with Sadie! Thanks for all of those who have made so many already! I am trying to get mine done, but my crochet is slower then my knitting, but its so much squishier! 
    • YenforYarn has relapsed on her battle with ovarian cancer and she is a knitwear designer. Heather, from Highland Handmades has re-organized a Cast On for YenforYarn KAL.  To show her the love and support, we are encouraging people who want to join to go buy one of her patterns and knit that item! I have bought the Manhattan sock pattern. Then tag the project with "COFY" (Cast On for YenforYarn).  Kind of a virtual hug going her way.  
    • Also a secret project has been hatched by CJ Kopec, a good friend of YenforYarn.  If you are interested, Please email CJ at:   Put YenforYarn in your subject line and she will email you the details.  If its not your cup of tea, no biggie... but we are keeping the whole thing a secret! :)
    • Sad that Knitajourney and stitch it podcast are retiring! Will miss them both!
    • Tricfecta of Awesome Fiber club! I got in! there were 130 people signed up. I was the last name drawn! They did it old school, by printing out the names and pulling out of a basket. I will be doing the same thing for my drawings. RNG just repeats numbers over and over, so i don't want to use it anymore!
    • Thanks to Diane from knitabulls for the great lazy kate! You are too much!!
    • Amazon support has been so awesome! thanks to all you online self proclaimed "shopaholics" who are linking through the shownotes page!