Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Episode 51: Podcaster PJ Party

  • 58 hours of work in 4 days. First day was blizzard-ed out! Stayed home safely.  Drove to AUG at 420am on Friday. Work was a little cray but ended up working out of RKD for the weekend. Got lots of knitting time with breaks all weekend. 
  • Had to drive back from AUG on Sunday night, ended up putting the plane away and getting some extra $$
  • Found out they probably will not use me on the Pilatus... feel betrayed yet again. UGH!
  • Bidding for a spot in one of 5 spots: get me back in the groove for summer in RKD. 
  • Baby shower March 31st, not sure if I'll make it but am trying to get stuff done.
  • ????? crickets ??????
Take Off:
  • Ummm... baby stuff??
Ground Stop:
  •  58 hours of work cut into my crafting time at home.
  • Trifecta of Awesome Fiber Club - First shipment from Heather of Highland Handmades. Shetland Fiber - As you wish colorway from The Princess Bride LOVE!
  • CJ Kopec - Guts, Grit and Pink Lipstick new vidcast. Can't believe I forgot to mention it last week. 
  • Thanks for feedback on book and hat... hat is gonna be tough for me.
  • Thanks to the podcasters who are recording in their PJ's... I appreciate you playing along! I haven't caught up with everyone, so I'm not going to name the ones I have or have not seen yet... but thanks for participating and being relaxed with yourself and amusing all of us viewers!
  • Drawing for prizes in the Snuggles Thread! Get you number! Congrats everyone!
  • DPN holder from Carolyn of the Girlfriends Knitting Podcast. Also got stitch markers and a row counter from Prettyknittyjewelry.etsy.com! Never knew how to use it!
  • Sister update - Upper GI scope next week. She is very positive and ready to take it on and be healthy again once the problem is resolved!
  • Thank you Amazon shoppers! Kindle buyers!!!  Thank you!
Special TFR:
  • Draw Something - Froggymonkey mentioned it, and then I started seeing people mention it on their podcasts, so i'm not sure where the ball started rolling... but it is very fun!

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