Friday, March 30, 2012

Episdoe 54: I want a job...

  • Honey has been home on vacation, working around house, but not much to talk about here this week. Have done some running. Gonna run a 5k with Boutrosbabe this summer... we discussed it last week when she was here! YEP!
  • Been cold here... snow coming tonight and tomorrow... ugh.
  • No News on the job yet. I called Tuesday and have gotten no response. Worried, but not panicing quite yet. Spoke to a pilot last night with some news
  • New bid is out for Cape Air, but not due until next week. So hoping to get get news on the freight job and not have to do the Cape Air bid at all!
  • BFF from High School's baby shower is tomorrow. Sent her present off and it should be there today, with plenty of time before the shower. 
  • Heading up to see Heather and honey this weekend. Gonna help her for a full day and wind her enough sock yarn to dye for the next week! (i hope)
Take Off: 
  • More baby stuff for friend and Honey socks, I think... I have been kind of random and spontaneous lately with my knitting!
  • um.....
Ground Stop:
  •  Nothing - been a busy week!
Special TFR: 
  •  Wild Fibers magazine - my friend Linda


  1. The shawl really suits you Katie! I will keep my fingers crossed for your job, and hope all turns out very well for you.

  2. Hey Katie (and Heather)...
    I will join you for the 5 k, if that works for you guys....but I will be doing my 5 k in Michigan...I will try to pick a race on the same weekend...we can have a "virtual 5k" what do you think?
    I am always looking for a way to stay motivated. This may just be the ticket! Shall we knit our own running socks?? Hmmmm?
    Also, my brother is a pilot for United, I put in a good word for you and he has your name. Who knows...maybe it will help, right?
    Thanks for the podcast Katie...
    You rock as always!
    Julie in Michigan (joenjules on rav)