Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Episode 50: Hello Snow! (about time)

  • Not food poisoning! Full blown influenza. Pretty miserable set of days off. 
  • Missed out on SPA in Freeport, ME. 
  • Going to stay with friends in Ft. Worth, so excited to see them and meet the newest addition and she's almost a year old!
  • Gonna meet with the rockstars and Dawn of Knit Naturally. Probably going to get to meet Rainlover, (sarah) also! Trying to work out the schedule now!
  • Went to Bangor yesterday and got a new suit for the conference, took it to my tailor today and she is gonna get is all adjusted correctly!
  • Dentist - good and bad... mostly good
  • Sister news - please send out some happy/healing thoughts, prayers, karma etc.
  • Work all weekend, of course, with a full blown snow storm coming. Just my luck! no cancellations as of now. We'll see what happens.
  • Nothing finished!
  • Worked on the Barlett yarn fiber more: half way done
  • Started this:  Tidepool from Tintagal Farms. Bought at MDSW... spinning like a DREAM!
Ground Stop:
  • The Flu - enough said
  • MuffinMegnMe sent me the Entrelac Shawl with Tassels from Helylle Design
  • Amazon Thanks to everyone
  • Prize review for Snuggle Project!
  • Thank you to Sarah, of Apple Blossom and More for donating a project bag. Pics on Rav Page 
  • Thank you to Debbielynn42 for the Chandail from Triona Murphy Designs. Sweater is kinda scary when I read through the pattern
  • HELP with making the Katy Perry Hat
  • MGYC - woot! Great package... AGAIN!
  • Melissa Morgan-Oakes winner from the Jessalu 7 year anniversary giveaway! I got them all signed!!!
Special TFR:
  •  My sister

    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    Snuggle Prizes! Get them FINISHED!

    Here is a reminder of the prizes I'm going to give away in my group for the snuggle project:

    From Christy (TwistedKnitwits) at Hiwassee Creek Dyeworks - A skein of DK Loft in the Chokecherry Colorway!

    This following bag was donated by Sarah of Apple Blossom and More. She has donated patterns in the past, and has graced us with this wonderful knitting project bag! I love the fabric!

    I am also going to donate a set of stitch markers, a set of DPN protectors, and a project bag! Make sure you are a member of the group, post your photo and win! Good luck! 

    *Each person can only win once

    Thursday, February 23, 2012

    Episode 49: Food Poisoning

    • Travel to HYA for a meeting. 
    • Worked a 14 hour day Saturday, which made for 6 in a row. (TOO MANY)
    • 1 day of flying left (for sure) in the Pilatus. tomorrow is cancelled. 
    • Toboggan Chute in Camden, ME!  SO FUN!
    • Spent the day in Bedford, MA 
    • Went to visit Heather... was sick! Then I poisoned my honey... I think it was evil lasagna.
    Take Off:
    • Cousins blanket needs to get back on the needles. 
    • Worked with Schacht more to fix my wheel.  I think we have it all figured out! Cindy is awesome!
    Ground Stop:
    • Too much fun with Honey! Plus I have been busy with other stuff and not overly excited with any project. Sock overload.
    • Monkey socks
    • Great heel replacement idea from the owner in WV. REPLACE IT! 
    • New to me(in the last month or so) Podcasts:
      • Girlfriends Knitting with Carolyn
      • Knit Purl Gurl with Karrie 
      • Retro lemon Podcast with Jenna  
      • Muffin, Meg and Me
    • Audio Podcasts -
      •  Just One More Row with
      •  2 Knit Lit Chicks - (thanks for the shout out) with Barb and Tracie
      • Happy Crafter 207 - Lori - Maine based podcast.  Not far from me
    Special TFR:
    • The Big Bang Theory - Love them! 

    Thursday, February 16, 2012

    Episode 48: Luvs All The Things(and People)

    • Great weekend with honey! Texas Roadhouse, Shopping, Cup holder for Kick, bookcase, bins, ball winder, oh my!
    • Heather and Honey war over a ball winder!
    • Made some DPN holders, I love them! Recreated one that was gifted to me. 
    • West Virginia for work - very pretty. finished log book, caught up on DA, started watching upstairs, downstairs.
    • Made a ringtone from a remix! 
    • Heather next week to be a helper monkey
    • Dallas in March for WAI conference
    • Work situation still unknown length. (hate the unsettling feeling)
    Take Off:
    • Still emptying the HO Bins
    • Been working on my wheel with Schacht as it is grinding... still haven't figured it out. Some drop spindling on the HH Falkland
    Ground Stop:
    • Spend time with my honey... I don't craft as much when he's around.We are busy spending time with each other!
    • Huge thanks to everyone shopping at amazon and linking through the show notes page! Thanks so much! So many great things on there! There are groceries!
    • So many V-day cards! That's fantastic! I felt so overwhelmed!
    • Needlework Barn in WV - goodies were purchased! 
    • Thanks Melanie(fourkittieshaveI) for all the towels 
    • Podcaster PJ Week!  Week of March 4th to the 10th!
    • New Cup... :( but :)
    • 532 Members! awesome!
    Special TFR:
    • LILYPAD!

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    Episode 47: Lots of FO's!!

    • Logbook - takes forever! 
    • Went to lunch with Mary. 
    • Super Bowl - Oi Pats and Good wings
    • Pittsburgh to meet Fibernymph, Lisa of 90% Knitting
    • Knit One, then Natural Stitches. Very cool people that work there, lots of cool stuff!
    • Cleveland next week on Wednesday.
    • Secret Project Done
    • Lizbeth is done 
    • 3 dishcloths
    Take Off:
    • Honey's socks - In Ethereal Fibers Cracked Pepper
    Holding Pattern:
     Ground Stop:
    • Work search, meetings, Log book, but not a bad week!
    Special TFR:
    • Nutella - so good on so many things!

    Thursday, February 2, 2012

    Episode 46: Happy Podiversary!!

    • Crazy long day turned out to be better then planned!
    • Friday/Saturday - nasty storm(I hunkered down)
    • basic work week. Lots of time with honey! watched football... eh game, but good wings, 
    • Lots of fog on wednesday! late start to the day.. showed at 6 am, left at 930!
    • Next step with Cape Air... Not sure what to do.
    Take Off:
    • Baby stuff still on my brain
    • Plyed the Cj Kopec fibers using my new lazy kate! WOOT! now to wind into skein and soak!
    Ground Stop:
    • Life is stressful right now and lots to do besides crafting
    • 1 YEAR PEOPLE!!  Year in review! 
    • playwithcolors (Andrea) - gifted me the Sedona pattern from Lisa Dykstra! Thanks!! 
    • knitamaniac (gail)-  gifted me Zeke the Aloof Alpaca from Rebecca Danger Designs, Thanks
    • muffinmegnme(jocelyn) - gifted me Airplane, plane or aeroplane from Kookla Creations
    • Aimee (froggymonkey) - stitch markers! 
    • Donation from Melanie! Thanks so much for that! 
    • Drawing for the 2 patterns from Lisa Dykstra to be knit in her virtual hug as she battles onward!
    • An additional 2 patterns were donated by StitchinOutLoud! Thanks so much!!!
    • Drawing for pattern prizes! (Congrats Cdsgifts and artistmaybe have notified me so far!)
    • 1 year podiversary Drawing for Goodies!! (congrats NanaMama, Alcatmom, Emilyk3661 has contacted me so far)
    • Links for Prize Donaters:
      1. SpinunKnit Project Bags
      2. PaletPC - Donated the StarAthena’s Stumptown Knits Pattern Club
      3. KnitfyRed - Donated her Woobie Pattern Collection!
      4. NerdGirl - donated 3 raverly patterns!
      5. Embree22 - donated the Toes for Every Body by Wendy D. Johnson
    • Thanks to Heather from Highland Handmades for the Podiversary shoutout! Heart you hard!
    • Sadie - Blueruin of yarnivore - I totally do the same with pj pants and recording!
    • Amazon purchases are much appreciated! Thanks so much! Downton Abby?? Might have to try it out... I have it queued on netflix!