Monday, May 28, 2012

Episode 62: Feeling behind!

  • Travel back and forth from Nashua is going fine. 
  • Have tips that some may be leaving, so anxiously awaiting results from interviews for my co workers, so I can go back to Maine.
  • Will be off Thursday afternoon and will have lunch with a friend flying in from JFK for Delta and we are going to have lunch. 
  • Heading to MN for bday party and baseball in a few weeks. 
  • Mom coming with a friend in June! woot!
  • Absolutely nothing
Take Off:
  • baby stuffs
  • nothing... but prepping for some spindle action
Ground Stop:
  • work on the house, appriasal went well. 
  • work - long days no energy
  • MariGayle - Exchange student in Fiberland - sent me a Romi Hill pattern! Thanks!
  • Amazon -  Thanks, Someone bought a nail gun!
  • Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rare Gems Earth
  • Over the Rainbow Yarn - presents! and prizes! awesome ladies!
  • Katie O Royale Fiber! My idea, Heather's talent to make it work and understand my horrible colors suggestions

Special TFR:
  • ING

Monday, May 21, 2012

Episode 61: A Mish Mash

 *New info starts at: 46:40 and is more babbling and thank you's!

  • MVY Week
  • Work on the house
  • randomness and visits with Heather
  • Still running - BIG WIN 
  • Nope
  • Ridgelines
  • Ball Sack
  • Nothin'! 
Ground Stop:
  • Life and work 
  • Socks a la carte 2 - Toes Up - Jonelle raffino and Katherin Cade enabled by Tinygeekcrafter
  • Amazon
  • Sheila - shawl suggestion! Thanks, I'm so flattered!
  • Over the Rainbow Yarn! Gonna rock the house!
  • Fiber frolic
  • Ravelympics
  • Tour de Fleece 
Special TFR:
  • Love my mustache mug
  • Friends: IRL and online!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Episode 60: A Visitor

Will try to finish show notes tomorrow

  • Thank you to my Trifecta of Awesome angels.  I thank all of you... Heather and the two who remained anonymous... I don't know who you are... but you are awesome and I hope the good karma is coming back around to you!  I'm flattered that you donated your funds to keep me in the running for the club!
  • AuntSuzeN - gifted me the Child's Sock Yarn Sweater by Hannah Fettig

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Episode 59: Victories and Frustrations!

  • Ran the whole 5k!!!! HOLY CRAP! Advice: would interval training help with breathing and pace over running long lengths of time? Gonna start doing some intervals to help with speed and breathing
  • Clothes are enroute to me now from Mom, bought a exercise shirt 2 sizes smaller then last time I bought exercise clothes!
  • May have somewhere to live! woot woot!
  • Pilot had good interview, but they had no room left in the classes
  • Working on other things, but its still frustrating. 
  • Wired my car for towing
  • Saw Heather to hug her, she needed it!
  • Got a Wendy update! We are on the down hill slide! In a Good way!
  • Trillian  - Out of Great Lakes Hand Dyed - Jet Stream
  • Vanilla socks out of Zauberball - RIPPED! In time out! 
  • Mini Sock Earring #2
  • Mini Sock Earring
Take Off:
  • Ridgelines Shawl by Lisa Beamer(fibernymph)out of my Titagal Farm Handspun
  • More sock earrings
  • Plied and soaked and dried my Tintagal Farms.  512 yards from 4 oz! My best ever!!!
  • Started HH SW Merino - Limitless
Ground Stop:
  • The usual
  • MGYC!
  • Trifecta of Awesome from Fibernymph. Thank you to my secret angel!
  • Wolfe Farms - goodies 
  • LYS in my town! Over the Rainbow Yarn
  • Kandiland -Lazy Katie Tuch/Shawl
  • Amiee - Yes, Madame
  • See fundraisers in last weeks show notes
Special TFR: