Monday, May 28, 2012

Episode 62: Feeling behind!

  • Travel back and forth from Nashua is going fine. 
  • Have tips that some may be leaving, so anxiously awaiting results from interviews for my co workers, so I can go back to Maine.
  • Will be off Thursday afternoon and will have lunch with a friend flying in from JFK for Delta and we are going to have lunch. 
  • Heading to MN for bday party and baseball in a few weeks. 
  • Mom coming with a friend in June! woot!
  • Absolutely nothing
Take Off:
  • baby stuffs
  • nothing... but prepping for some spindle action
Ground Stop:
  • work on the house, appriasal went well. 
  • work - long days no energy
  • MariGayle - Exchange student in Fiberland - sent me a Romi Hill pattern! Thanks!
  • Amazon -  Thanks, Someone bought a nail gun!
  • Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rare Gems Earth
  • Over the Rainbow Yarn - presents! and prizes! awesome ladies!
  • Katie O Royale Fiber! My idea, Heather's talent to make it work and understand my horrible colors suggestions

Special TFR:
  • ING


  1. When I bought the nail gun for hubby I told him 'I bet she mentions it on the next podcast' - WOOHOO!! I buy lots on Amazon and I'm so happy you benefit from it. Hang in there - you gotta hit the jackpot soon!!

  2. Love the podcast, and seeing/hearing more about your job which I am impressed over and over about that you are really a pilot because my youngest daughter is your age almost to the day and funny that your personalities are similiar but we are all going through one thing or another and I know how times are so hard but at least we don't live in a war torn country at least that's what I always tell myself, so thanks for sharing and I hope you will be in a better situation soon and I am being too silly writing this long sentence, :D
    PS You mentioned the rollaway bed a couple of podcasts ago, fyi it is very comfortable. Also, not to worry, I know you can't respond to these comments.