Quick Links

Here are some links to things that I have spoke about and want to give you access to:

  • Click for Babies Tags for Hats - Please print these out on heavy weight or stock card paper, fill out and attach to your hats before you send them to me.  It really helps me out!
  • Woven Labels for Hand knit gifts
  • Address for Click For Babies:
    • Katie Oldakowski
    • 14 Gigis Place
    • Owls Head ME 04854
  • Pumpkin Cookies Recipe
  • Death By Chocolate Recipe 
  • Mail Cards to my friend's Daughter for other soldiers who aren't getting mail. Cards only please, and put a note on the back of envelope "for a fellow soldier" and she'll spread the love!
    • S/R Grace, Mollie
    • Ship 14 DIV 053
    • 3410 Sailor Dr
    • Great Lakes  IL 60088-3510


  1. I was just wondering where you get all the awesome crockpot recipes especially the crockpot chicken

    Thanks Colleen (Southernspinner on Ravelry)

    1. I google!! A LOT!! Then I compare the recipes and hope to pick a good one!!


      I also stuck a lemon cut in half and some garlic in the body cavity! It was so delish!! And crazy easy!! (sorry I didn't see this til now!)