Sunday, July 29, 2012

Episode 70: The Sister Is Here

Shownotes later today!

Jet setting:

Sara here!! Major delay in MKE, got her return flt changed for free! Winery, Paul Bunyan statue, breakwater, sushi, shopping, boat ride, dinner at rock harbor, campfire

Turkey hat



Take off:

More baby hats



Grd stop:

Sister here

Thanks for shopping on Amazon!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Episode 69: 3 years for the WIN!

 anniversary week:
  • mvy and bos crews got me out early to make the bus 
  •  was watching pursuit of happyness and back to the future 
  • Also watched sadie... you are killing me with calling me out and the heavy fingering... 
  • Watch knititn wolf - told me not to eat the chapstick! :) love the licky lips 
  • FroggyMonkey Gave me a hard time too! :) haha
  • Gave honey a gift! Trailer! :) he loved it! thanks to brother, mom and hx and paul for the help. couldn't have done without my secret minions!!
  • Thursday to RKD
  • Missed Gnomeacres by 39 minutes
  • Crazy Friday
  • hitchiker is all i worked on 
  • Turkey Hat
  • Nothin
Take Off:
  •  northin
  •  Limitless in HH SW Merino
Ground stop
  • Life and Work  as usual
Special TFR:
  • My Honey - Enjoy the anniversary montage of my honey and I!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Episode 68: Shorty and slightly out of order

Shownotes in progress:


  • Heather and Paul rescued from Bus stop. Went to lunch/dinner
  • Hung out with them on Wednesday
  • Day OFF WITH MY HONEY!!  So fun! Went swimming and to dinner... so nice to spend time with him.  We get 2 days together next week! eek!
  • Mom made it home safe, thanks for all the nice comments of how young she looks... she and I are both very flattered. You will meet my sister in a couple weeks.
  • Sister is coming to visit in a couple weeks!! SO EXCITED!! Fixed the ticket problem that arose!

  • Ummmm, almost a hat!
Take Off:
  • ummm.....
  •  Limitless in SW Merino from Highland Handmades! Love!
Ground Stop:

  • Amazon shoppers: Modems! Carts! books! Clothes! You are all awesome! Thank you for your purchases!
Special TFR:
  • MY HONEY! He has changed my life and I love him so much for that. He has shown me what life should be like! :)