Sunday, July 15, 2012

Episode 68: Shorty and slightly out of order

Shownotes in progress:


  • Heather and Paul rescued from Bus stop. Went to lunch/dinner
  • Hung out with them on Wednesday
  • Day OFF WITH MY HONEY!!  So fun! Went swimming and to dinner... so nice to spend time with him.  We get 2 days together next week! eek!
  • Mom made it home safe, thanks for all the nice comments of how young she looks... she and I are both very flattered. You will meet my sister in a couple weeks.
  • Sister is coming to visit in a couple weeks!! SO EXCITED!! Fixed the ticket problem that arose!

  • Ummmm, almost a hat!
Take Off:
  • ummm.....
  •  Limitless in SW Merino from Highland Handmades! Love!
Ground Stop:

  • Amazon shoppers: Modems! Carts! books! Clothes! You are all awesome! Thank you for your purchases!
Special TFR:
  • MY HONEY! He has changed my life and I love him so much for that. He has shown me what life should be like! :)

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  1. I feel the same way about my honey (25 yrs married). Thanks for a great podcast.