Saturday, December 13, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Episode 141: It's Been Awhile

  • Numerous trips up north, due to honey's schedule. 
  • Mother's Day was INSANE for shipping! The highest shipping day after the xmas holiday season! Sent Flowers, mom ended up sick and she loved them!!!
  • landscaping
  • brothers bday,
  • Heidi - Anniston Jayne
  • Nikki - Myka Jo
  • Captain America and fiddle heads!
  • crazy work delay on the 22nd! fog on 23rd!
  • BBQ -
  • Amazon winners - 1 still to send, and a new winner from April this week!
Wedding Talk:
  • Gifts: Fru, Kim
  • Ordered gifts for 'maids
  • Dance lessons are AWESOME!
  • Bought tickets home for J and I
  • up to see heather and p, disappointing trip to bangor

Monday, April 28, 2014

Episode 140: Busy Busy Busy!

  • Up to see Heather and helped her finish Stitches prep. 
  • Got to spend an entire week with my Honey! Lots of stuff done around the house, mortgage moving forward again with a new broker. Built a raised garden bed. Will fill it soon to prep for planting, which is still at least a month away considering how the weather has been.  
  • Been tons of work around here, went flying with my honey a few times.
  • Easter church with friends, ham dinner.
  • Dance lessons have continued forward. It has been so amazing and I can not WAIT to dance at my wedding!!! Its going to be so fun
  • Work has been good. Some windy days, but nothing major lately. 
Take Off:
  •  Baby Surprise Jacket - blue and green
  • Amazon winner claimed. Waiting for payday(again)
  • Still working hard in the gym, 4-5 days  week and trying to hit 10k steps every day.
  • Stop slinging mud at others. There is so much more to be concerned about. Be kind and know that people have to deal with their own issues and it's not always personal.
Wedding Talk:
  • Dance lessons
  • Shoes picked
  • 2nd dress fitting with hoop and shoes. bustle done and snap moved! That's it! WOOHOO!
  • Programs have been ordered and samples printed to pick out the paper to use. 
  • 83 days to the wedding!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Episode 139: 3 FO's Jetsetting:
  • Jillian Michaels with Heather in NH
  • Dance lessons - more in wedding talk
  • couple snow storms
  • fell out of plane - huge bruises
  • Kitties up north/east, hanging with honey, see Hx tomorrow to wrap up stitches prep
  • More snow this morning, but in the 40's every day, so here's to hoping for spring.
Take Off:
  • More baby stuff - Cousin, Brittney of JOMR is expecting! Congrats!
  • Amazon: winners have finally been claimed and cards will be sent this week on payday
  • New Amazon Winner:
  • Prizes sent out. Did you win something from me and not get it? Please contact me... I have some notes I found, that indicate I have not sent some out... so please let me know if this is you... and I will beg your forgiveness and send your prizes.
  • Moving on mortgage stuff again with a new bank. Hoping to wrap this sucker up.
Wedding Talk:
  • Shoes from Zappo's
  • Snack table
  • Gym - getting stronger, nothing changing: scale or inches. frustrated but need to control my food more. been naughty

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Episode 138: All Wedding Talk!!!!

No exciting jetsetting! I love that the travel was so easy and uneventful. Not fun for you, but so non stressful for me.

Traveled, worked on decorations, picked up our car for the weekend.

Painted, Cake Tasting, Menards trip, Sushi for bday, Dj meeting, Picked up Dress, Dropped off stuff for mom, Painted, met with officiant, painted some more

Walmart, Marriage License application, Met my mom's 3rd Grade class, toured mansions,  St. Cloud for hair bling, Caterer food tasting, more decorations at the venue, mom's for hair night while boys did tuxes and went out.

Breakfast with gparents, Then I thought lunch with other gparents, but i got a surprise Bridal shower!!!!!! It was so awesome!!! Then a hockey game in the evening!!!

Sunday: lunch with cousin, then travel back to Maine.  Great super awesome trip.

Back to work, last minute dentist appointment, first dress fitting went awesome!!  SO EXCITED!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Episode 136: Madness!

  • Honey got sick with a cold. Then hospital, scopes, followups= lots of time with him home, but some scary stuff.  Post aentestic hilarity, knitting question from Dr, cribbage, Olympics, 34 boxes of flowers on plane on vday and lots of Shari's berries
  • A Kathi award video!!
  • Vday breakfast and flowers from honey, then a work surprise(not a good one)
  • This week: work sucked. Car repairs cost a ton and now my windshield wipers dont work now! 3 storms, one cx'd flt, late dept and late trucks! 
  • Honey did get me an awesome bday present: Gym membership! I like it so far! been twice and more tomorrow I hope!
  • None
  • Coupon from VictoriaBlue: 12th arrow  for $1 off her patterns
  • No winners from Amazon drawing from January! did you buy these? I'll redraw next time!
    • Adidas Defender small duffell
    • Kindle Screen protectors
  • Gym membership and - online personal trainers... awesome!
  • Blip/itunes - not sure how its gonna go
Wedding Talk:
  • Guest book finally shipped - machine broke down, but great communication UPS messed up
  • Invitations ordered - shipping delay! silly UPS
  • Chocolates I made a month ago are holding up well. Testing to see how long they will still look nice so I can plan schedule for making the chocolates for the wedding favors. 
  • Dress arrival is delayed. But should arrive when we are home in March. Good communication as well
  • Glad I'm planning well ahead, so the delays aren't hugely upsetting... just a little... although the worrier in me panics sometimes

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Episode 135: Lots of Wedding talk

  • Lots of walking - making use of my time waiting for my freight to arrive. Passes the time and keeps me active. Going to keep working on strength training and foam rolling. It saved my neck when my chiro was on vacation.
  • Tried a recipe from Everyday Paleo book.
  • Working a small bit part time 
  • My honey traded in his H2 for a new truck. Insurance went down, and gas will be cheaper so it all evens out!
  • Wrestling Royal Rumble - I won! Go Batista!
  • Work has been great. Freezing cold, but great. I love the plane. Getting more comfortable and feeling at home in the plane
  • Amazon Drawing
  • Gift in the mail - Thank you MartaSchmarta
  • Snuggles! Come on people!! Lets get going!!!
  • Wonderful emails
Wedding Talk:
  • Bridesmaids dresses have been ordered. 
  • Made some decisions for ring bearer
  • Calls about chairs and tents
  • Spoke to our minister
  • Picked a guest book 
  • Ordered wedding favor supplies
  • Bought the chocolates on sale at AC Moore with my honey
  • Practiced making them - mixed results, but I think I nailed it down
  • Locked in my Ceremony Music
  • Slowly going to pick away at paying the balances