Sunday, May 25, 2014

Episode 141: It's Been Awhile

  • Numerous trips up north, due to honey's schedule. 
  • Mother's Day was INSANE for shipping! The highest shipping day after the xmas holiday season! Sent Flowers, mom ended up sick and she loved them!!!
  • landscaping
  • brothers bday,
  • Heidi - Anniston Jayne
  • Nikki - Myka Jo
  • Captain America and fiddle heads!
  • crazy work delay on the 22nd! fog on 23rd!
  • BBQ -
  • Amazon winners - 1 still to send, and a new winner from April this week!
Wedding Talk:
  • Gifts: Fru, Kim
  • Ordered gifts for 'maids
  • Dance lessons are AWESOME!
  • Bought tickets home for J and I
  • up to see heather and p, disappointing trip to bangor

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