Sunday, July 22, 2012

Episode 69: 3 years for the WIN!

 anniversary week:
  • mvy and bos crews got me out early to make the bus 
  •  was watching pursuit of happyness and back to the future 
  • Also watched sadie... you are killing me with calling me out and the heavy fingering... 
  • Watch knititn wolf - told me not to eat the chapstick! :) love the licky lips 
  • FroggyMonkey Gave me a hard time too! :) haha
  • Gave honey a gift! Trailer! :) he loved it! thanks to brother, mom and hx and paul for the help. couldn't have done without my secret minions!!
  • Thursday to RKD
  • Missed Gnomeacres by 39 minutes
  • Crazy Friday
  • hitchiker is all i worked on 
  • Turkey Hat
  • Nothin
Take Off:
  •  northin
  •  Limitless in HH SW Merino
Ground stop
  • Life and Work  as usual
Special TFR:
  • My Honey - Enjoy the anniversary montage of my honey and I!

1 comment:

  1. Great slide show honey! Wow! We've been all over the place! Goin' strong! Love you, Happy 3 Years!