Thursday, February 23, 2012

Episode 49: Food Poisoning

  • Travel to HYA for a meeting. 
  • Worked a 14 hour day Saturday, which made for 6 in a row. (TOO MANY)
  • 1 day of flying left (for sure) in the Pilatus. tomorrow is cancelled. 
  • Toboggan Chute in Camden, ME!  SO FUN!
  • Spent the day in Bedford, MA 
  • Went to visit Heather... was sick! Then I poisoned my honey... I think it was evil lasagna.
Take Off:
  • Cousins blanket needs to get back on the needles. 
  • Worked with Schacht more to fix my wheel.  I think we have it all figured out! Cindy is awesome!
Ground Stop:
  • Too much fun with Honey! Plus I have been busy with other stuff and not overly excited with any project. Sock overload.
  • Monkey socks
  • Great heel replacement idea from the owner in WV. REPLACE IT! 
  • New to me(in the last month or so) Podcasts:
    • Girlfriends Knitting with Carolyn
    • Knit Purl Gurl with Karrie 
    • Retro lemon Podcast with Jenna  
    • Muffin, Meg and Me
  • Audio Podcasts -
    •  Just One More Row with
    •  2 Knit Lit Chicks - (thanks for the shout out) with Barb and Tracie
    • Happy Crafter 207 - Lori - Maine based podcast.  Not far from me
Special TFR:
  • The Big Bang Theory - Love them! 

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