Thursday, February 16, 2012

Episode 48: Luvs All The Things(and People)

  • Great weekend with honey! Texas Roadhouse, Shopping, Cup holder for Kick, bookcase, bins, ball winder, oh my!
  • Heather and Honey war over a ball winder!
  • Made some DPN holders, I love them! Recreated one that was gifted to me. 
  • West Virginia for work - very pretty. finished log book, caught up on DA, started watching upstairs, downstairs.
  • Made a ringtone from a remix! 
  • Heather next week to be a helper monkey
  • Dallas in March for WAI conference
  • Work situation still unknown length. (hate the unsettling feeling)
Take Off:
  • Still emptying the HO Bins
  • Been working on my wheel with Schacht as it is grinding... still haven't figured it out. Some drop spindling on the HH Falkland
Ground Stop:
  • Spend time with my honey... I don't craft as much when he's around.We are busy spending time with each other!
  • Huge thanks to everyone shopping at amazon and linking through the show notes page! Thanks so much! So many great things on there! There are groceries!
  • So many V-day cards! That's fantastic! I felt so overwhelmed!
  • Needlework Barn in WV - goodies were purchased! 
  • Thanks Melanie(fourkittieshaveI) for all the towels 
  • Podcaster PJ Week!  Week of March 4th to the 10th!
  • New Cup... :( but :)
  • 532 Members! awesome!
Special TFR:

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  1. I'm looking to get another ball winder, the one I have is not working. What kind did you get?