Friday, March 23, 2012

Episode 53: SO MUCH BABBLE(long)

  • Phone Interview, so I really didn't travel... but it was important! Called today for update. Waiting!!!!!
  • Felt very under the weather last week... like days 3-5 of the flu from before.
  • Friday I felt better and went to Augusta to meet Ellen, Vicrock on Rav.
  • She judges cat shows! I went to the cat show! WOW!
  • Road tripped with honey to work on Sunday, knit, hung out and drove home with him late Sunday night. 
  • 4.42 miles "walk" on Monday! Great beach and wildlife(and trash)
  • Worked around house, garden etc. Honey dug up garden, I dug up horseradish, fail! Gonna get more tomorrow
  • Honey has almost all week off next week! WHEE! So excited! He SO deserves some time off
  • Upcoming: Hunger Games Premiere weekend on Sunday! Wedding in April in MN
Take Off:
  • Zauberball vanilla socks using the fleegle heel on an adult sock?
  • Hitchhiker or Trillian in the Jet Stream Colorway also I think
  • Very little bit on the wheel... not much patience with it this week. 
Ground Stop:
  • Gorgeous outside... don't wanna craft! Wanna play outside!
  • Knitabulls - Thanks for the pick me up!
  • Thanks to Ellen for the treats!
  • Towels and Goodies from Knitalittle in TX! Love her little treats! Planning a trip to drop things off next week. 
  • Amazon thanks! Love looking at the stuff! Here is what I see! No personal info anywhere!
  • Thanks to Rae Lynn and Saeli for the bday/pick me up gift!
  • Bday Presents from Heather!
Special TFR:
  • Tajin - is a flavoring for fish, chicken, fruit, veggies... fave is on Apples and fish so far. Thanks to Knitalittle for the treat! You are officially my supplier, if I can't find it here!

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