Thursday, April 5, 2012

Episode 55: What to Talk About

  • Went to hang with Heather and Hubby on Saturday. Was SUPER productive! That's how the last trip was supposed to be... but no ralphing this time... but there was a toilet situation that was cured with a plunger... thank god! 
  • Spent time with honey, did stuff around town and the house. Pretty low key.
  • Emailed with Wiggins. They are stretched pretty thin lately and won't make a decision for a few weeks. So I need a job....
  • Put in my bid with Cape Air, results tomorrow! Where in Maine will KT be? RKD I hope!
  • Wendy airplane news: We are trying to find a mechanic to put the plane back together and make it so I can fly it to Bar Harbor and they are going to fix it up! Baby steps! But I am itching to fly again, 3 weeks is too long to not fly. I am so excited to get her back running, as is the honey!
  • Civil War Shawl - 620 stitches/round - On round 106 so far.
  • Trillian  - Out of Great Lakes Hand Dyed - Jet Stream
  • Baby Socks - Almost done! More will be on the needles soon!
  • Nothing
Take Off:
  • Baby stuff - another person I know is pregnant and so I  need to get going for them!
  • Working on Tidepool - from Tintagal Farms still
Ground Stop:
  • Still being productive as I am still unemployed.
  • Thank you to Kimberlolly for the Blue Ivy Pattern! Bottom Up Shawl!  Great wake up to the day!
  • Mad 79 - Melanie Douglas 's designer page- Huntington’s Disease Society of America. Her husbands family suffers from this horrible disease, so raising funds to work toward a cure is very near and dear to her heart
  • Knit 1 Heart 2 - Fundraiser for Sheila's Son's Marathon Rep, Paul! Every $5 gets an entry for prizes, anything $25 or higher gets you an entry for Wollmeise!
  • Knitters for Knockers - Meliabella from the His and Hers Podcast
  • Rainlover Knits - Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
  • Pattern by LaughLoveKnit - Pillars of Strength proceeds are split between Melissa and Sarah
  • My Sister is walking for The American Heart Association if anyone wants to donate to that and for the Humane Society, in separate events.
  • Dawn - Wolfe Farms mentioned me and the amazon link! Thanks!
  • Someone bought a lawnmower! That's awesome! 
  •  Thanks for the shoppers!
  • Trifect of AWESOME Fiber Club!  Melissa dyed up the "Radiant as the Sun" colorway A la Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games! GREAT JOB! Love it!
  • Thank you Secret angel!
Special TFR:
  •  Turkey Burgers and Ceviche! - made myself and delicious!

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  1. That was me!! Hubby needed a new lawnmower and I go to Amazon for everything and I always use your link now! I wish I had known about it when I got the new toilet from Amazon! LOL!!