Thursday, April 12, 2012

Episode 56: Riding the Wave

  • Not the update I wanted on the Cape Air front.  But the silver lining is that maybe this is the opportunity for Wiggins to call and give me a job in a couple weeks! Lets send out those vibes!
  • Cape Air Update -  CRAZY Week! Wow, what a madhouse
  • Took Wendy to Bar Harbor for repairs. Crazy story there!
  • Heading home next weekend for a good ole Minnesota wedding! Love it!
  • J Baby Socks
Take Off:
  • Vanilla socks with a fleegle heel!
  • Tintagal Farms in Tidepool is done and resting. Will ply soon. 
  • Finished the Bartlett Yarns Pencil roving that I got from Heather and Hubby. and Plied it today.
Ground Stop:
  • Worked! and they made me work! Geesh, the nerve
Special TFR:
  • Kudo Case for Ipad.


  1. Hi Katie, I replayed and the theme continued at 56 seconds for about 4 minutes. But I still enjoyed the episode!!!!! Love that you are managing to still be upbeat. lots of GOOD vibes going across The Pond


  2. another great episode. thanks for keeping us updated on your job issues and i hope that you land in a position that is good for you

  3. Wow, thanks for the plane trip and the beautiful pics! Another great podcast :)