Friday, April 27, 2012

Episode 58: Up, Down, Down, Up...

  • Traveled to MN - Easy going out. Honey drove me down at 3 am to Portland, caught the first flight(barely), held due to bad weather, ran for a flight and missed it! BARELY! So I caught the next one. ORD is a huge airport! Lots of walking that day.  Got in mid day, went shopping with my sis: shoes, running shoes, Twins T-shirt. Fun times. Had family dinner with crew at a local bar!(gotta love small towns). Barely made it to 9 pm and crashed out! dug around in the morning Sat, lunch with grandparents, chicken and biscuits! SO GOOD! Then wedding and dinner and dancing! Left the next morning, go to DTW just fine and then mean gate agent, Over sold flights(stupid spring break forgot about that) Great jumpseater from Delta saved me! Whew! Rode to RKD on Cape Air!
  • Days off with honey: Always good. Picked up my island car, got it registered, built raised beds, dug out huge garden area: 3 hours worth, planted aspargus, garlic, horseradish. Rained all day today, no more planting today. Hopefully tomorrow. Working for Cape Air Sunday afternoon and Monday. 
  • Wendy update!!
  • Cape Air update: Guam situation, Cape Air, Wiggins, Lifeflight, Charter in PWM, Oh my!
  • No where to live in Vine yet.  Stress is overwhelming
  • Got to go to an unemployment meeting! Riveting!
  • 5K training - Heather and I are being major support for each other. We are struggling on different fronts! Join the thread! Any fitness goals! 5k-er's share your races!
  •  Trillian  - Out of Great Lakes Hand Dyed - Jet Stream
  • Vanilla socks out of Zauberball... not sure i love it... might be too big(again)
  • Nothing
Take Off:
  • Probably baby stuff at some point
  •  Maybe 10 min worth of the Raspberry Lemonade from Highland Handmade
Ground Stop:
  • Stress
  • Wedding - productive and unproductive
  • Thank you to those that have contacted me about the Jacob's Fleece. Awaiting a shearing day. 
  • Thank you to those that have contacted people on the vineyard. I appreciate that you are watching out for me.
  • Marty's Dad is a crocheter! He said it keeps his mind sharp! Very cool!
  • Knitters for Knockers - Meliabella from the His and Hers Podcast, I think her walking buddy needs donations
  • Rainlover Knits - Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
  • Pattern by Megan - LaughLoveKnit - Pillars of Strength proceeds are split between Melissa and Sarah
  • My Sister is walking for The American Heart Association if anyone wants to donate to that and for the Humane Society, in separate events.
Special TFR:
  • My support crew: All of you and my honey and family. Help to keep me sane. A lot of stress.


  1. Do you think the groom's father would like to join an online crochet group? He sounds really amazing. I am in a group called Crochet Crafters and Artisans Society and we would love to have him. If he's not on Rav, maybe someone could show him. I especially like to see those amazing doilies he's doing!

  2. sorry your having such a crappy time. i do hope that things work out for you soon.