Thursday, April 19, 2012

Episode 57: SQUEEE!!!

  • Ran a butt ton of errands: car to get fixed for island, my car got a hitch, worked around house/yard, cleaned both cars(my honey rocks), bought some mulch, some seeds for flowers and food garden. Bummed about Asparagus! Boohiss!
  • Went to a dinner party: overwhelmed, but very cool experience!
  • Wendy Update!
  • Cape Air Update
  • LifeFlight of Maine
  • Up to see Heather: mass winding and splitting of fiber
  • Off to MN for wedding this weekend. Might see some baseball. Honey has to work. :(
  • Trillian  - Out of Great Lakes Hand Dyed - Jet Stream
  • *crickets*
Take Off:
  • Vanilla socks with a fleegle heel!
  • Plied thwacked the Barlett. Nice loft. First time experiencing that. Will not try the center pull ball method again, ick.
  • Still need to ply the Tintagal Farm
Ground Stop:
  • Busy around the house and enjoying that. Keeping busy to keep mind of stress!
  • Thanks to Nanette for the PJ'S!!!  Woohoo!
  • Amazon Thanks! Keep on shopping!
  • Rachel - Knit Me Happy Podcast  is doing a KAL to raise awareness for Endometriosis. My mom and aunt suffer from this, so I remember how much pain my mom was in when I was younger. 
  • SunFunLiving - Helping women in Haiti who have no way to make money! Donations of yarn, money, hooks etc.  Go check her out! She is in Haiti now!
  • My Aunt is a rock star. Channel 9 Top Teacher of the year in MN! Awesome!
  • 2 emails from Brenda of Cast-On! squeal!
  • Josh Woodward video of Learn to fly... kinda funny towards the end! :)
  • New section on the end.
  • 5k thread. Heather and I running Bar Harbor 5k in September. She is looking for one sooner. Goals for the Run for me.
  • Sheila's son Zach's rep Paul finished the boston marathon in 4:39... pretty good considering it was 90 degrees!(or so)
  • Knitters for Knockers - Meliabella from the His and Hers Podcast, I think her walking buddy needs donations
  • Rainlover Knits - Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
  • Pattern by Megan - LaughLoveKnit - Pillars of Strength proceeds are split between Melissa and Sarah
  • My Sister is walking for The American Heart Association if anyone wants to donate to that and for the Humane Society, in separate events.
  • DEW Animal Kingdom - Have 7 Jacob's Fleece. If anyone would like one, I ask for at least $25 donation to DEW. I can send it raw, or have it processed(you pay for processing). Let me know if you are interested. Unsure of quality... more a reason to donate, not gonna be a perfect fleece. Contact me if you want one!
Special TFR:
  •  Spring! getting ready to garden! few more weeks, but prepping!


  1. Love the new hair style! So professional looking. Thanks again for a wonderful podcast.

  2. You are so cute Katie!!! I loved your hair-do...I have really curly hair & hairstylists ALWAYS want to straighten it for me LOL

    Your Trillian is looking SO fab...I love the way the colourway is coming out.
    Happy that Wendy is OK, can't wait until you are flying her again!
    Fingers crossed that adventure is in the future of your pal & you get the position locally!
    My parents planted asparagus & didn't eat it for 3 years - but they get some massive stalks now!!
    I am working toward a 5km - so will be finding your thread :)

  3. Love your Trillian...soooo pretty :) Your hair is cute toooo :D Have a terrific week! :D

  4. Hi Katie.

    How exciting that Brenda Dane is now watching your show! i am glad that i let you know the song was there so you could talk to her that bit sooner. I love your Trillian too by the way. so pretty. i am tempted to get the yarn myself.

    I loved the pictures and video at the end of the video as well.

  5. I think you will be OK to snab a few spears of asparagus this year. I planted 2 yr old plants last year that put out all year until a good freeze came (I'm in Louisiana). I was shocked that it was taller than me @ 5'2". Love the show! :^)