Thursday, January 26, 2012

Episode 45: Things are... Changing


Job update. Crazy travel for the Checkride at Cape Air, Checkride went awesome, Went up to see the honey. We watched some football(so much DRAMA! I called it!) and I made some KILLER wings! Recipe from a dear friend of mine. Worked, hung with honey, went to some meetings, worked today. Got to meet (insert here!) WENDY and SHEILA from the Knit 1, Heart 2 podcast! They are awesome! Crazy long day tomorrow, but then a long weekend off and most of it with my honey, so that's fantastic!

Take Off:
  • Super secret project - yarn is ordered!
Ground Stop:
  • Not too much holding me back this week!
  • Did some drop spindling - Highland Handmades Falkland - Katahdin colorway
  • Lots of kind emails again from everyone!
  • Donation from Spinunlady of a project bag donation for my 1 year anniversary! Thanks!
  • Anyone else if you want to donate, please contact me!
  • Mad79 sent me Tulips, A Colorful Cardigan for Baby from Lindsay Pekny Designs! Thanks
  • Embree22 for the great fabric! Awesome!
  • Snuggle KAL with Sadie! Thanks for all of those who have made so many already! I am trying to get mine done, but my crochet is slower then my knitting, but its so much squishier! 
  • YenforYarn has relapsed on her battle with ovarian cancer and she is a knitwear designer. Heather, from Highland Handmades has re-organized a Cast On for YenforYarn KAL.  To show her the love and support, we are encouraging people who want to join to go buy one of her patterns and knit that item! I have bought the Manhattan sock pattern. Then tag the project with "COFY" (Cast On for YenforYarn).  Kind of a virtual hug going her way.  
  • Also a secret project has been hatched by CJ Kopec, a good friend of YenforYarn.  If you are interested, Please email CJ at:   Put YenforYarn in your subject line and she will email you the details.  If its not your cup of tea, no biggie... but we are keeping the whole thing a secret! :)
  • Sad that Knitajourney and stitch it podcast are retiring! Will miss them both!
  • Tricfecta of Awesome Fiber club! I got in! there were 130 people signed up. I was the last name drawn! They did it old school, by printing out the names and pulling out of a basket. I will be doing the same thing for my drawings. RNG just repeats numbers over and over, so i don't want to use it anymore!
  • Thanks to Diane from knitabulls for the great lazy kate! You are too much!!
  • Amazon support has been so awesome! thanks to all you online self proclaimed "shopaholics" who are linking through the shownotes page!

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  1. I tried to order something through Amazon through there a way to tell if it worked? Hope it worked so you get a tiny piece of the action here to help the podcast. xoxo