Monday, January 2, 2012

Episode 42: Top Down Shawl Success!


Lots of time with Honey. Went up to work with him as my entire week of work was cancelled! WHEE! Kissed him at midnight, and then we drove home.  bad roads, stolen cars, yikes! Interesting New Years Eve! Travel in 2 weekends for cousins wedding, which is actually tomorrow, but reception is later!


Interrupting Cow Socks
Scathach's Hat #3
Vanilla Socks 
Wedding Blanket 


Citron - with Beads at the suggestion of LaLa

Take Off:


Ground Stop:

 Super productive week!

Holding Pattern:

Katahdin on the spindle


Thank you to AuntSuzeN for the Ridgelines Shawl pattern by Fibernymph!
Fibernymph, Lisa, for the Airplane spoon pattern!

Snuggles - Sadie at Yarnivore is doing a charity drive for your local humane society for those that love the fur babies! Link is above. Prizes for the podcaster that does the most and for the podcaster who's viewers do the most.  Whatever the prize is for the group project, will go back to someone who knitted for the drive, if we win that category! Easy squares or rectangles and great stast busting!

Chiaogoo Needles came.  The bamboo's spin, but the red cords don't.  They feel very light and flexible... will be casting on some socks with the 1.5/ 2.5mm.

Special TFR:

Welcome 2012.  the last 2.5 years have been phenomenal... and it keeps getting better! I welcome another year to my life with open arms!

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