Sunday, December 25, 2011

Episode 41: Merry Christmas!


Shelter man car port for the car. 3 hours, turned into 7... horrible directions. augusta for lunch, truck gas cap disaster, truck remote programming, all presents arrived safely. I Love having time off. Trip cancelled on Tuesday, may be cancelled Friday too! Meaning I might get almost 2 weeks off... PAID! xmas eve - spent working around house and getting honey's present done and watching football! Skyped with my fam back home and laughed and laughed and laughed!  Honey got home late! we opened presents, had christmas lunch and he headed back to work! Mega snow event going on. First of the year... check it out!! Look at my presents, I am so spoiled! I am a blessed woman! Presents or not, I am the luckiest in the world! Merry Christmas!


Interrupting Cow Socks
Scathach's Hat #3
Vanilla Socks 
Wedding Blanket 

Take Off:

Socks! and a gradient shawl



Ground Stop:

short time between 'casts

Holding Pattern:



Knitabulls - traveling woman shawl pattern,
Tamiknits: TGV pattern
Knitterphreek: Juno regina stole/wrap (cardinal lace weight by highland handmades)

Calendar of Hope:

Special TFR:

 I'm a lucky woman! Merry Christmas!

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