Thursday, December 15, 2011

Episode 39: Full of Random


Light work week as the plane has been in Maintenance. Drove to Manchester, NH to pick up the plane then had a long weekend with the honey. We had brunch with 2 of his coworkers, and then my company christmas party. Schedules are all over the place and not matching up very well, but we will get some time together!  I spent a couple hours outside of Cleveland Tuesday, had some italian food and back we came! Travel in January to a cousin's wedding but not much else planned! We'll see what work brings.


Interrupting Cow Socks
Scathach's Hat #3
Vanilla Socks 
Wedding Blanket


My Christmas Stocking - KATIE

Take Off:

La la's Simple shawl

Ground Stop:

Been productive


By golly there is spinning!  CJ Kopec creations... I never remember what kind of fiber it is... or the colorway and everytime she tells me... I forget to write it down.. OI!


15% discount at Desert Vista Dyeworks you use the code: KOTF15  She will donate $2 from your purchase to a Wildlife Rescue group! Thanks so much! Go check her out! It is good until Dec 15th, so go grab your Christmas gift now!

Calendar of Hope:  Asked by a Raveler, Cindy Moore(fitterknitter), who is a breast cancer survivor, to mention it and I will!  Go check it out! All donations, minus the paypal fees go to The Army Of Women, which researches Breast Cancer.  You get 13 patterns of Dishcloths and Towels for $18 and it all goes research!

MNY swap package is out to my partner...she got it and loved it! Whew! Still waiting on mine! :) so excited!

Christmas shopping is done for the most part.  A couple people left, but those will be bought online and sent to them at their homes! Christmas party on Sunday for work at an AWESOME restaurant! And my honey gets to be there! YEA!

Might be meeting up with Heather from Highland Handmades

Got my WINNER fiber from Ethereal Fibers, its pretty!

Becky from the Addicted to Yarn podcast has opened her shop and her bags are AWESOME!  Check out her Shop:   Bitchin' Becky's Boutique of Badassery

Special TFR:

Nativity Scene from my childhood!

Click through to and do your shopping and the podcast gets a little bonus to help with costs!! Thanks!

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