Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Episode 40: Christmas is Here People!


Went to see my honey and we took a long ways around drive down to meet up with Heather and her Hubby! Only got to spend a few hours, but know I know where she lives and it is a slight detour on my way home from my honeys, but easy to swing down and see her for a bit! and it breaks up my looooong drive! Gonna be heading out in a few weeks to my cousins wedding.  Not going home for the holidays, gonna have a quiet christmas with my honey.  And by the way, WHY IS FAMILY SO INSENSITIVE AROUND THE HOLIDAYS?!??!!?!? Oi, family drama!


Interrupting Cow Socks
Scathach's Hat #3
Vanilla Socks 
Wedding Blanket 



Take off:

Want to knit with my handspun, maybe the shawl



Ground Stop:

I have lost my mojo.  I am not going to stress myself with finishing that blanket.  and I just don't wanna knit lately.  Oi! I may dig through my UFO bin and get reinspired!


New to me Podcast is the Stockinette Zombies:  They are from MN, my home state and they crack me up.  One is a project ho, and one is a uber monogamous knitter... I tend to be more ho-ish in my knitting... :)

Love out to Wendy and Sheila from the Knit 1, Heart 2 podcast.  I totally admire those women and just wanna send them some podcast love! (I love all my podcasters) Go check them out if you don't already!

MNY Swap package! AWESOME!

Missing a post office package... trying not to panic.  Its nothing irreplaceable, but will be really irritating if its gone! it says delivered and is NOT here! local post office is great and working on it!

Mean Girls Yarn Club: Homerun! I loved it! Great yarn, loved the candle! Thanks Laura!

Thank you to everyone who is shopping on Amazon and linking through the shownotes page.  It is really going to help out the podcast and am so excited to get some goodies to give away for something! :) Please shop away! I even shop on amazon and link through my page! like a discount! hahaa Sincere appreciation!

Special TFR:

Mom's Sugar Cookies and Holiday baking in general

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  1. Hope your next sugar cookies make you smile!
    Happy Holidays!