Sunday, December 4, 2011

Episode 38: Christmas Time is Here.


Went east this week to see my honey, Marden's for bowls to make ceviche and I always look for off the trail crafty things.


Interrupting Cow Socks
Scathach's Hat #3
Vanilla Socks My Christmas Stocking - KATIE



Take Off:

shawl still

Grd Stop:

Got stuck because I finished things to a point where I had to wait til I got back to continue working on them


None :(


15% discount at Desert Vista Dyeworks you use the code: KOTF15  She will donate $2 from your purchase to a Wildlife Rescue group! Thanks so much! Go check her out! It is good until Dec 15th, so go grab your Christmas gift now!

Calendar of Hope:  Asked by a Raveler, Cindy Moore(fitterknitter), who is a breast cancer survivor, to mention it and I will!  Go check it out! All donations, minus the paypal fees go to The Army Of Women, which researches Breast Cancer.  You get 13 patterns of Dishcloths and Towels for $18 and it all goes research!

All the Outside decorations are up and house is ready for holidays. I have the urge to bake up a storm, but an not going to until the week before christmas.  I don't need that crap in the house for a month. No no no!

500:  Here is a link for the closest to what we play.  We put 5 in the kitty and we use the jack opposite the trump suit also as a high card. If spades is trump then the Jack of Clubs is high card above the A of spades.  So rank of the trump suit of Spades is: Jokes, Jack of Spades, Jack of Clubs, A,K,Q, etc on down.  we take out the 2 and 3's also.  

Wolfe Farms: Apple Crisp, Cucumber Melon, Vanilla Creme, and Cherry Almond.  I LOVE Cherry Almond! Go check it out! I got mine on her cyber monday and free shipping sale! :)

Amazon Shopping:  If you link to amazon by going to the blog(which is here, obviously) and to go amazon and do your shopping, the podcast gets a small percentage of your purchase... and it doesn't cost you any extra! It helps out me just a little and is greatly appreciated. A few have done it to buy Kindle FIRES and that was awesome! Thanks so much to those that have done it already!

Special TFR:

Christmas Movies and Shows

Towels for D.E.W. Wildlife Kingdom! Look at the box! 13 towels arrived this week, plus some awesome goodies!

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  1. Katie, maybe YOU started the podcaster Sidekick craze! I have made 2 LaLa's Simple Shawls both as a shawl and as a scarf. Simple, quick and looks great. That pattern gets my vote. Thanks for sharing the 500 rules. Our family is going to try it during the holidays. Great podcast!