Monday, September 3, 2012

Episode 75: Vacation!!!

  • Trip to Rockland for Chiro and to deliver HH to Over The Rainbow Yarn shop
  • Lots of Wendy flying this week. Honey is doing great in flight training. 
  • Camping at North Country Rivers: Flew plane up, gave a ride, flew Heather and I home. Our honey's were nice enough to drive the gear back! It was SO FUN! I think we all had a great time! Honey got slightly wounded from some boiling water, but his foot is healing.
  • Still waiting on more news regarding work situation
  • Worked on projects around the house
  • Enjoyed the time with honey
Take Off:
  • Lord only knows... probably more challenges for STV(Sock The Vote)
  • Set up limitless for plying... I have finished the Autumn Evening fiber from HH and will ply tomorrow
Ground Stop:
  • Thought it was a good week considering I'm on vacation!
  • - My Friend, Barb, has her farm up and selling the fiber from her Romney Cross sheep! Great for those who like to know where the fiber/yarn comes from!
  • Thank you to the viewer who donated the plum crumble to our prize pool for the Click For Babies Drawing! Thank you so much!
  • Mel from SingleHandedKnits is still doing her challenges, come join us! its fun!
  • Starting to get hats for Thanks CraftyDeb! You had the first 2 arrive!
  • 2nd expansion for will be arriving soon!
  • Congrats to the winner of the amazon drawing! Please contact me!
Special TFR:
  • Vacation!!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your vacation! Your podcasts make me smile.

  2. Loved the fly by! And the whole episode :) I so wish I could drive a motorcycle....