Friday, September 14, 2012

Episode 76: Great Week!!

  • Worked around the house last week, Wx wasn't great so no flying after camping.
  • Huge fly in in Greenville the next weekend, honey went with our friend, Rick. (I was working)
  • Work was turbulent. Huge cold front blew through, dropped the humidty, but the wind associated with it was nasty. Monday was nice but Sunday was crap.
  • Honey picked me up Tuesday, went flying Flew to Greenville and did some landings, beautiful up there!
  • Got BIG work news!!  BACK TO RKD!!! SO HAPPY!!! Transition date on Friday
  • Honey replaced another window, while I did household stuff and then ripped up the carpet in our entry way. Went running, best average ever 11:54 min/mile. No race for me this weekend :( hoping to get some later this month with Heather.
  • Today we put down the flooring, honey did the intricate stuff, did the laundry, made cookies, went flying to Old Town to get gas, wound off my spinning
Take off:
  • Finished plying my Highland Handmades Autumn Evening
Ground Stop:
  • Pretty productive! No delays!
  • Who's my August Winner? Amazon Kindle Fire Gift Card! Contact me! Or I'll have to draw again. more then one winner during November and December as it is holiday buying time!
  • Click for babies! Hats rolling in! Prizes on the FO thread. Want to donate, contact me!
  • Got into the Trifecta!! WOOHOO! First shipment is coming from Highland Handmades.
  • KITM - Coming up soon! I think I am leaving Wednesday as I was invited to stay with a special someone I met at the Retreat last year! OH YEA! 
  • 2nd Expansion Set of Cards Against Humanity
  • STV - Red and purple hearts in Pairs. Mel Moved over last weekend... hope it went well and they are settling in ok!
  • Politically incorrect may be sending me goodies! :)
 Special TFR:
  •  Coming HOME! Thanks for all the support!

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  1. What about a cobalt blue? I don't think it would be too dark.