Friday, September 21, 2012

Episode 77: The Randomness!

  • Coming home update! October 15th is the official move to Maine, but I have advised them I'll come home sooner if they will just let me! :)
  • Heather picked me up in BHB and we had some Wendy's and bs'd all the way home. 
  • Went on double date to Longhorn Steakhouse on Tuesday, after I ran.
  • Wednesday and Thursday we went flying. Honey's flight training is coming along well!
  • Wednesday Chiro went awesome! Went to Over The Rainbow and found out I get to help arrange travel arrangements for the Yarn Harlot! :) EEEEeeekkkk!!!! So honored they asked!
  • TV chat!
  • Stripy socks
  • Challenge 4 set 2 of hearts for Mel's Single Handed Knitter Challenge for knitting hearts for soldiers 
Take Off:
  • Adam's Ribs Hoodie by Carol Sunday . Yarn by Heather. Gonna get some samples of browns and knit swatches
  • Headband and fingerless mitts for a co worker maybe
  • Umm.... 
Ground Stop:
  •  Just stuff...
  • Who's my August Winner? No one contacted me. If you bought a iPad to tv AV connector PLEASE Contact me! More then one winner during November and December as it is holiday buying time! Still time to enter for September!
  • Very cool stuff being bought this month on Amazon! THANK YOU!
  • Click for babies! Hats rolling in! Prizes on the FO thread. Want to donate, contact me!Thank you for all the hats and sorry about the date mix up. Due to me by October 1st! Please send by Wednesday/Thursday next week! the 27th of September
  • Thank you Stephaniedk, Allison from Hollywood Knitter and Vicki from Dragonfly soars for the prizes!
Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down: (in place of Special TFR)
  • Thumbs up - Knitters are so great to make purple hats. and baking stuff is awesome!
  • Thumbs Down - Rant here!  Hateful People! If you can't be nice, then shut your mouth. Podcasters are not putting themselves out there for you to evil to. Too many of my podcaster friends have been attacked over the last few years and I'm just sick of it. Constructive Criticism is one thing, being a mean nasty hateful person is not allowed. If you don't like me, then don't watch me. But you don't have to attack me.  And that goes for all my friends.  If I ever find out who is being hateful to my podcaster friends, I will call you out by name. Do you think I'm kidding?


  1. Loved what you said about mean people (actually, I always love your podcast, but this especially!) I can't imagine why people do the hateful things they do. I think the internet gives people the feeling they can say things they'd never say to someone's face.

    I can't imagine someone complains about your locations, set, etc. I love your locations. Even once, the wind was blowing a little while you were talking, but it was great! I like wind (unless I'm in an airplane!) I loved the one where you filmed in the rain.

    You're great - don't change ANYTHING!

    1. I blow those off. I reply nicely to them, but really I'm going to do what I want. There are lots of podcasts out there. There are some that I don't watch! But I don't contact them to cut them down and tell them why. I quietly unsubscribe!! The few I got were fairly non events, but some of the ones other podcasters have gotten were hateful and cruel. There is just no need! Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. Hi Katie, just to let you know that the signature tune overran at the beginning. Didn't spoil the episode for me, but you know how some people can be :p

  3. I love you Katie! Keep doing what you're doing and the heck with the haters.