Thursday, September 27, 2012

Episode 78: Shred It Up

  • Bus both ways this week as flights were full. 
  • No update on returning early. sigh
  • Came home Tuesday so the whole day is eaten up. 
  • Opened a ton of packages. 
  • Recorded with Heather: if you would like to watch our joint episode! Lots of laughing and me being silly... a few loud spots, so watch your ears.
  • Bank is switching, not sure what I'm gonna do! Might see how it goes and switch to my credit union if I don't like it.
  • House progress: cleaned basement, fixed furnace, shelves in bathroom. Still need to paint
  • made chili and ceviche for work 
  • Shred. Day 5 complete. I like it! I still cuss, but its not as hard. Level 2 next week.
Take Off: 
  • Casting on on Monday for STV green party. Still awaiting the package from Mel, aka SingleHandedKnits
  • Adam's Ribs Hoodie by Carol Sunday . Yarn by Heather. Knit the samples and picked Dark Brown. Sorry, was feeling the brown... keeping the green in mind for my next big project.
  • Headband and fingerless mitts for a co worker maybe
  • Standing by
Ground Stop:
  • life is nuts. Commuting, bus both ways
  • Who's my August Winner? No one contacted me YET! If you bought: "Skiva F101 MediaFlow Composite Video/AV Cable with USB Sync/Charge for iPhone 4S/4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPhone, iPad and iPod"  PLEASE Contact me! More then one winner during November and December as it is holiday buying time! Still time to enter for September!
  • Click for Babies! Thanks for hurrying! :) So many more enroute! :)
  • Jingjing sent a nice message. Joyharmon and nursekimknits also sent great messages.
Special TFR:
  • - super cute things! :) cheap and great shipping options! :) don't kill you on shipping! :)

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