Friday, August 24, 2012

Episode 74: Quite the Week

  • Bus Driver was a Loud Headset fiend! Stopped the bus to find the culprit!!
  • USS Constitution in Boston Harbor, Very cool
  • Party at my landlord's: good food and done early!
  • They added a round trip on Sunday... long day with no break!
  • Was denied my vacation slide on Sunday
  • Found out I may not be back in Maine until October... very sad and hearbroken
  • Went flying
  • Hung with Heather and Helped her out, went to dinner with her and Paul and my honey and I
  • Found out vacation slide was APPROVED! Thanks to those that made it happen!
  • Flying on Thursday! Flew Wendy through our first rain storm! :) Kinda bumpy!
  • Hitchhiker
  • Pig Hat
  • Small sock for Single Handed Knits STV KAL
  • Aviator Hat
Take Off:
  • Striped sock for Sock the Vote, Knitabulls and Just one more Row KALS! Adding green stripe
  • more small socks for Mel
Ground Stop:
  • Been a good week!
  • Cousin had a baby girl, Emmaline Deanne, 6 lbs 10 oz, forgot the picture in cast, so I'll put one here!
  •  Laugh.Love.Knit - first ebook and all proceeds go to charity
  • Thank you for the nice emails, plurks, rav messages, etc
  • Amazon update on why some things aren't showing up and clicking through. Thanks for understanding!
  • Click for Babies - Lets get doing those hats
  • Baby blanket drive with knitalittle
  Special TFR:
  • Helmet for Motorcycle school next week. My honey and I bought it! :) I LOVE HIM!

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