Friday, August 17, 2012

Episode 73:

  • Work was work! Same old madness, nothing ever changes
  • Pilot from United - Kripkey from Big Bang Theory
  • Mad dash for bus on Monday night. 
  • Hoping to only have 2 more trips to MVY, but we have no sure bid yet. 2 more weekends and then I go on Vacay and should start back in RKD if all goes correctly. 
  • Went to meet Lois (knittingsmybag) in Dexter with Heather on Wednesday! SO MUCH FUN!! She is so wonderful, I got a present! WOOT!
  • Unexpected trip to Bangor with Heather. Huge accident on way back and we drove through Deliverence to get home! scary!
  • No Wendy love this week... Weather was NOT cooperative.
  • Turkey! went out in mail! Baby is coming via scheduled c-section on Monday. Considering how much she freaked with false labor, I figure a cute hat will brighten her day!
Take Off:
  • Cute baby hats.
  • Also picked out yarn for Stripey socks KAL's in September. Knitabulls and Just one more Row are doing KAL's. Christmas socks! Present from Honey last year, with the assist on Etsy from Heather!
  • Finished spinning the Limitless. Will split with the drill later, ply next weekend
  • Started HH Autumn Evening: O M G  Amazing... thinnest I have EVER spun anything!
Ground Stop:
  • Knitting fell out of bag in BOS, had to call and have hitchiker rescued. It is in BOS and I"ll pick it up Friday. SCARY!
  • Click for Babies - contact me for address or if you'd like to donate prizes! I'd love to have some great things... we had lots of wonderful donations last year! Let's do it even bigger!
  • - Make Bison our National Mammal! We don't have one and we want bison to win!
  • Donate for Lynn Zimm's Make a Wish Race
  • Knitalittle and daughter's doing a premie knitting drive for El Paso area hospitals.
  • New stuff on website: Banner on left to help out sister, Page on right to get to click for babies tag. More links will be added there, as I know know how to add pages(thanks Heather)
Special TFR:
  • Cards Against Humanity: Debbielynn42 got me the expansion pack!! EEEEKKK!!!  She is gonna send it to me!

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  1. I'm so glad you're excited for the expansion!! When I saw the game all I could think of is how much you love it :)