Friday, October 19, 2012

Episode 81: Bringing It Home

Jet setting:
  • work fri, sat, countdown going. 
  • Sun was last day, honey showed up, boat broke, gave me a broken plane, sent honey on to wait on MVY, cx a rt, flew down early, headed for boat, left 845 vs. 930, arrived 4 am, 5 hr energy but long drive. Podcasts helped them I needed jams,
  •  Monday - slept in, napped the day away, woke up, watched fb, 
  • Tuesday - went to dropped off baby hats, nov/dec both! we gave them about half their quota!!
  • Began reassembling craft room, lost the pegs took me until Wednesday night to find them.
  •  Laundry, cleaning all the things. 
  • Ate at fave Keag store. 
  • Stir fry Wed with Evan. Car in to get work done, needs a new Emer brake shoe,
  • Thur worked on craft room, helped Aimee and daren, dove to milo to get plane! Went and watched
  • STV 1+2
Take off:  
  • turkey hat
  • felted clogs
  • Xmas stuff
  • tree skirt for brother!
Grd stop:
  • none again!
  • Click for babies!!!
  • Silly Fru- Knit hats for Grammie
  • Trifecta of awesome shipment
  • Amazon ad blocker!!
  • Secret friend revealed!
  • Kitm - 18 days!!  :)
  • Hats fro grammie!
Special TFR:
  • Honey for surpriseing me and being home!!!
Click for babies drawing!!  If you are a winner, please contact me!

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