Thursday, October 25, 2012

Episode 82: Kinda Punchy!!!

  • work in Rkd!!! 
  • Cx rt due to bad Wx 
  • found Wendy a hangar - love avit peeps, grocery store, lys pattern
  • went back for cat food, i hate forgetting
  • Saturday was a disaster: diversion to BHB, stuck in BOS! WTH! Honey was home and I was stuck in BOS! Had to go to Walgreen's to get contact solution. Ugh. Was gonna go to Rhinebeck!
  • Sunday and Monday were bumpy but ok. 
  • Car disaster... Oi.
  • KITM in 11!!
  • Clogs
  • STV 1 and 2
  • pig hat
  • Sweater
Take off:  
  • turkey hat
  • Xmas stuff
  • Sillyfru and Sadie hats
Grd stop: 
  • Had ok progress this week!
  • none again! Gonna try to finish
  • Click for babies!!! More hats! Prizes going out!
  • Sheepy Stitch marker from
  • Hats for Sadie and Sillyfru
  • KITM and STV tshirts!
  • Amazon
  • Kitm
  • Won ponkie yarn!!! WOOOOOOOOTTTT!!!
Special TFR:
  • LYS! Had a blast!

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