Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Episode 4: Babble

Here I babble away for 28 or so minutes!! Enjoy!!

Warning: I may have cussed(not sure as I recorded twice) and I said the word penis... opps. couldn't help myself


Good travel despite school vacation.  Cats traveling this weekend, hoping for good, uneventful travel; both out of BOS with weather and back with cats on Sunday.  MN accent vs. New England accent. Hi Sister!


La Vie De Bois - small progress
FLS - no progress
VVS(Vintage Vertical Stripe)


Sheldon toy - Totally done now... eyes complete
Sheldon blanket - done
Prayer Shawl - done!

Take Off:

Cousin's Blanket will go on needles soon

Ground Stop:





Babble on about podcasts(please see list at left for the ones I listen/watch).  I also am just starting on Yarnivore, who I am not caught up on but will hopefully do today!!  Big thanks to Leslie from the Knit Girllls for the help in starting the podcast.  Many shout outs to other podcasters!  Come join us on Ravelry... we almost have 100!!!

See you next week!


  1. Have been enjoying your videocasts! Love the Sheldon blanket and the shawl :)

    I wonder if the one kitty would benefit from a sedative. When my daughter drove from IL to AZ, she gave her cat one and she was fine. The vet can let you know.

    Safe travels this coming week and btw, I think you still have a MW accent :)

  2. We tried that last time we traveled and her adrenaline over rides the drug. Our vet warned us about that because she has such anxiety around people, but thank you for taking the time to write me with the suggestion. Once we get her in there, she should be ok.

  3. I know I told you on Plurk but I'll say it again. Sheldon is super cute!
    I watch it from your blog. :) I do the same thing. I embed it in my blog but I have a few friends from youtube who like to comment and watch from youtube. We are all youtubers and that is what we are used to. I do not consider myself a podcaster. That sounds to professional to me. I prefer to just be a vlogger. :D
    I am hoping to go to at least one fiber related event this year. *crossing fingers*

  4. Katie, I love your podcast, just caught up after checking out the Knitgirlls ravelry thread! I think I saw you knitting a sock on Signature DPNs and talking about getting them on planes... Can you do that??? I was afraid they'd confiscate my new beauties, so I ended up checking them thru!