Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Episode 3: Rudder Cables and Podcasts

Welcome back to Episode 3: Rudder Cables and Podcasts. ; Busy week of knitting and travel.

Jetsetting: Rudder cable, switched to a different city, oversold flt. Got here,just a little late! Wx pattern has broken! YEA!!!!


Sheldon Blanket
Sheldon toy
February Lady Sweater
Prayer shawl


Nadda!! should have lots for next week though!

Take off:

Prepping for my cousin's wedding gift

Grd stop:



Martha's Vineyard 70% Huacaya, 30% Merino roving


How do i do it all!  Share my podcasts and shout outs from the week.  I'll make sure they are all listed on the side of the blog... sorry to those that i forgot to mention(please plurk me if I forgot... I want all who gave me props to get mentioned) 

Not mentioned, but I'd like to do a longer podcast... there is so much I wanted to mention.  i really want to talk about the people who helped me start podcasting, the awesome video casts that make me laugh, the new knitting toys I bought this week, netflix, books, etc.  I am going to work on splitting my podcast and will practice before next weeks podcast.  I still want to upload to youtube and itunes... So that will be coming!


  1. I always take a small project on the plane. Usually socks and I normally use bamboo dpns so I thought that's why they never stopped me. I've never tried to carry on any of my other needles but it's good to know all are ok. I read it was up to the discretion of the customs agent. Is that true still?
    I love that everyone is doing videos now. It's nice for knitters to see what someone is knitting and not just hear them describe it. I do the occasional video on my blog. It's mostly because I'm too lazy to type it out every time. haha

  2. I enjoy your podcast. I'm looking forward to more. Congratulations for your first effort.