Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Episode 1: Tryin' to figure it out

WELCOME!  I tried 3 times for this podcast, so forgive my rambling!!

Jet Setting - Adventures in Life, Work and Travel -

        *Blizzard and snow days!
        *Travel to Texas

Enroute - On the Needles

          * La Vie de Bois Socks - Highland Handmades yarn and pattern
          * Sheldon Blanket - I Love This Yarn, brown and pink
          * February Lady Sweater - Cascade 220 Heathers, Red Wine
          * Vintage Vertical Crocheted Blanket - bibs and bobs of leftover yarn

Landed - Off the Needles

          *Mitered Hanging Towel - Yellow cotton from my stash

Take Off - Upcoming Projects

          *2 wedding afghans for cousins
          *Sheldon Blanket - Light blue and Dark Blue
          *Socks for me out of Socks That Rock that was gifted to me

Ground Stop - Hang up, epic fails, and moments of confusion in knitting

         *Good knitting week, no fails!

Delays - Whats keeping me from knitting

         *Nothing this week!  Lots of free time for me

Holding Pattern - Spinning

        *Highland Handmades got me into spinning and I've bought most of my spinning supplies from them.  They are my evil enablers.  Here is her blog also: The Fiberista Files
        *Candy Corn - Falkland fiber
        *Cherry Blossom - superwash Merino in pinks and browns
        *Poetic - Merino/Tencel blend in purples and grays and silver
        *Birds Eye spindle

Reservations - Questions about my work, life, aviation, or whatever

       *Nothing this week as it's my first podcast, so please ask questions!

Thanks for watching and see you next week.  Please feel free to email me or comment me with nice critiques.  Please be nice and I'll do my best to take the suggestions and make the podcast more barable for all of you.


  1. Wow! I am excited about your podcast cause you're a flygirl and a knitter! I once had aspirations to become a pilot. And to this day my annual birthday wish is to get a wild ride on an acrobatic plane.
    Anyway, I really love the segment names.
    Can you post a still pic of the Cherry Blossom fiber after its spun? I think that is so pretty and would like to see how that turns out.

  2. I absolutely loved your first podcast! You were warm, funny and genuine. My 14yo son really liked how you incorporated all the flying terms into your segments. I hope you keep it up, this was wonderful!

  3. Thank you both so much. I'm glad you like it. I have some of the cherry blossom spun and I'll get a picture posted!

  4. You did awesome! You seem so "at home" doing the podcast! Great episode looking forward to the next one!

  5. Great podcast! I love to fly and knit. (don't get to fly as much as I would like to). You seem to be very comfortable in front of the camera. Keep them coming, I'll be watching.
    Sherri A

  6. Count me in as a regular listener. I loved the first episode and will be watching the second right away!!!

  7. great job:) you seem comfortable, are easy to listen to, and funny as well. i like how you ensured us that you weren't knitting while flying the plane:) too funny:)

  8. Thank you so much for all the great comments!! I will keep them coming! I appreciate the encouragement!!!

  9. Excellent videocast!! I really like how clearly you speak & the pace... I'm off to the next episode now!

  10. Fabulous! I found my way over here from Round the Twist, and I just finished your first episode. I love the way you incorporated you aviation terminology, it fits very well, and I think your personality is so entertaining to watch, which makes me want to watch more! I hope you keep doing this!