Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Episode 117: Tour de Fleece

  • Went up north for last week.  2 super hot days then right back to nothing. 
  • Ran on first hot day and didn't plan for extreme elevation. Yikes
  • Ran a nice trail along river, good pace. 
  • Macy's issue... not a happy girl: shipping ugh.
  • Honey had tonsillitis, came home early. 
  • Sat - Zumba. Very fun, but very expensive around here. 
  • Stalked my USPS carrier and got my ring. Honey asked me again! cried all over again!
  • Saw in-laws, ceviche
  • Sun - 40:19 5k.... just gotta keep plugging. Had to cab to AUG for work
  • Mon- more fog
  • Tues-GREAT run. 38:55 in a 5k!!!  SO Excited! Went back to previous runs paces... 39:10 in the RKD race!
  • Future: MN this weekend for wedding location shopping. 
Take Off:
Special TFR:
  • Feeling empowered by success this week with exercise and eating.  Still good and bad days! That's life!  

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  1. Hi Katie!
    So sorry to hear that you had such a crummy experience with Macy's - shame on them, they should know better. Although it won't change what is already done, I'd love to recommend a local jeweler too you for future purchases such as wedding bands. I also live in Maine, and think you may really like Day's Jewelers. They really strive to exceed your expectations, and have several locations. Bangor is relatively close to you, isn't it? I don't work for Day's (but I used to!) and still think highly of them.
    Congratulations, and happy wedding planning to you both!

    Heidi T