Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Episode 116: ENGAGED!!!

Not your standard episode!!

  • Wed - Saw Heather, gave bday present
  • thurs- Honey time, then got  a ride in the Stearman. Was the highlight of my week until... 
  • Friday - Honey came home a day early! Woohoo! Laid in Hammock, Looked for a humminbird feeder at Lowes/Walmart, got ice cream and then went to hike Beech Nut Preserve.  Family and friends at the top and engaged!
  • Sat- worked at 430! boohiss! Got cape air and coworker to cover my 2nd roundtrip. Went flying with mom, went to the Summer Solstice party. Ran 5k, not well marked or organzied, 3.2 miles... again, NOT a 5k! 3.109... or 3.11 if you want to round up... 
  • Sun- work, mom to AUG early! met her in BOS. Drove to BGR to size ring... Epic fail Macy's... fail! Dinner at Roadhouse
  • Mon - so tired! so much excitement!!!  and HUMID!
  • Tuesday - Running, HUMID 90! 
  • Sheldon in Vikings colors
  • Ready for TdF: SPK group, Schacht Group, HH group, Gen group
Special TFR:
  • My honey!!!


  1. Such a fun episode. I was crying along with you! Congratulations! <3

  2. You made me cry, too! Congratulations!!! :)

  3. So awesome - looking forward to all the wedding talk!!

  4. Whoa! Congratulations! I am so very happy for you! You had me crying a number of times. (My kids think watching knitting podcasts is weird, but crying while watching a knitting podcast... How to explain?) I think this episode is in my top five shows ever watched across the many podcasts I follow. Thanks for sharing your joy!

  5. Congratulations! On the 5K thing...are you running the tangents? When they measure the course, that is what they use to determine distance. Was it a certified course?