Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Episode 115: Garter Stitch Hades

  • Thurs - late start due to Mx. wx cleared out and Knit night! 
  • Fri - Puker(ugh), t storms, run was awesome steamed cleaned floors
  • Sat -  Great Wx, OT then finished Cleaning and de cluttering
  • Sun - Honey home, work, awesome nap!
  • Mon - Flying, lunch, Run! Rain got me! Someone offered to pick me up!
  • Tues - Medical, bras, lunch 
  • Wed to see Hx and Thursday to Honey
  • Sheldon in Teal and Bright Green for Ania
Take Off:
  • Tour de fleece
Special TFR:
  •  Hair cuts!

1 comment:

  1. Yes! Men in Black trilogy was my purchase. The cats had me get it so they could give it to daddy for his birthday on the 18th and it arrived today. Yay prime 2 day shipping! The worm figurine is cool!!