Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Episode 114: 45 Rows!!!


  • Work was glorious. 8.5 hour days are fantastic... such a break from the 14 hour days! and 4 days off is just awesome!
  • Sunday - Went up Mt. Battie
  • Cleaned the hangar up for the summer tenant. 
  • Sat - ran lots of errands!
  • Had a friend over on Sunday for bbq... was much fun.. .makes us want to start hosting the summer get togethers!
  • Flew up to BHB. Check up... go results! got lunch and headed home... I knit! Honey flew!
  • Be Mice Elf: done and plied
  • Baby blanket enroute to Canada!
  • We'll talk about it later...
Take Off:
  • Sheldon in Purple and Gold for JD and Megan
  • Amy shawlette for Margo-a long with the High Fiber Diet group
Ground Stop:
  • Sheldon in Teal and Bright Green for Ania - UGH! messed up Garter stitch!! 45 ROWS down!

  • St Thomas Surf inspired batt... will ply with the batt I made at GGPL.
  • Thanks for shopping!
  • Shawl Gems can be bought at www.tixtrinkets.etsy.com !!!  Facebook, favorite the shop, updates on most Saturdays. Check the shop announcements for each weeks update.
  • Meliabella 3 day for the Cure
  • RJ's Squares in memory of his Uncle
  • Found a bug in running app.  they are putting out a fix for it! :) yea for me! boo for the run.  Good and bad days.  Found some exercises for the days off of running to help my exercise. 
  • 5k on the 22nd - Summer Solstice 5k in RKD
Special TFR:
  • Knit Night! Thursday! was so fun... so excited to go to it more often now that work isn't so awful!

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