Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Episode 113: Welcome Summer Schedule!

  • Just flew around on Monday. 
  • Work was uneventful until Wed night. Last 3 14 hour days of the winter schedule. Fogged out of RKD. Ended up having to get rental car and drive 15 miles to a hotel. Harvard/BU grad's no hotels in city! Crazy! 15 hour day Wed. but only 12.5 on Thursday. 
  • Friday was first day of summer sched... just felt like a long Friday!
  • Saturday - Fiber Frolic!! Got up there early, hottest day of year, 95! thank goodness for the breeze. Had a hang out canopy. jamlknitter, kathy, mainelyknit, pennywenny(wendy knit1hearttoo), Lori(happy crafter 207 podcast) was vending, neverenoughthymekatie and her mom and son, and I know I've forgot a few people... sorry!  missed a few people when wandering around.
  • Sunday - cleaned out the hangar, errands, getting stuff done around the house. 
  • Flew up to Calais, gorgeous!
Take Off:
  • Sheldon in Teal and Bright Green for Ania
  • Sheldon in Purple and Gold for JD and Megan
  • Amy shawlette for Margo-a long with the High Fiber Diet group
  • Be Mice Elf: Still there. Haven't worked on it this week.
Special TFR:
  • MGYC

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