Monday, May 27, 2013

Episoe 112: Oh Mother Nature!!

  • Tuesday - Fog=diversion to KEWB. MVY RT=4 hour delays to BOS. So I repo'd home. Brought pax in a diff plane.
  • Wed - More fog/Wx. Cx'd last RT. Brought pax by diff plane again. Went for a W4D1. 
  • Thurs - Fog Rain(sense a theme?) More delays, had one hour of excemptions. Tstorms on the way back. 
  • Friday - Oi! One RT!!!  Fogged out of RKD, diverted to AUG. Waited for pilot to drive to AUG and drove home... Just one little RT!
  • Sat - Ran early. Helped Heather and Paul prep for Frolic
  • Sun - Hung out, had kabobs
  • Mon - Went and picked up wendy, maybe had Roadhouse
  • Future - Frolic on Saturday and SUMMER SCHEDULE!
Take Off:
  • Sheldon in Teal and Bright Green for Ania
  • Sheldon in Purple and Gold for JD and Megan
  • Amy shawlette for Margo-a long with the High Fiber Diet group
  • Be Mice Elf: won in a contest... BFL SILK!!! EEEKKK Love!
  • Amazon Winner - Claimed from week 2! The last person drawn did not contact me and a past drawing winner did, so in lieu of redrawing I'm giving it to week 2's winner!
  • Look for reviews from your favorite podcasters of the Shawl Gems starting next week!
  • Shawl Gems can be bought at starting June 1st!!!  Please save the shop for your future purchase!
  • Meliabella 3 day for the Cure 
  • Made some batts at Heather's from my RJ alpaca locks!
  • Knitter's Nightmare yarn and fiber from SadieRuin! Congrats on getting married!
  • Zombie - structure
Special TFR:
  • Wendy is back and healthier then ever! Going flying later!

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