Saturday, September 17, 2011

Episode 29: Finished Objects YEA!


Work, Trip to Manchester, NH to take plane to scheduled mx, went flying on Cape Air, and worked on the little plane! Airplane TRIFECTA! Went to Fiber College and hung out with Heather, her hubby and Tina for 2 days... AWESOME!


Cable Comfort Throw
Interrupting Cow Socks


Scathach's Hat
Mother Bear #1

Take Off:

Another Scathach's Hat in Malabrigo

Ground Stop:

None really... I was pretty productive this week.


Worked on the Merino/Tencel in Peotic from Highland Handmades


More hats for click for babies! 2 hats from Heidi.  Going to have more prizes! Send in those hats!!

Thanks to:
CoggieTM from The High Fiber Diet Podcast
Diane from The Knitabulls Podcast
Dawn from the Wolfe Farms Podcast

Also: Amy from the Knitting In Circles Podcast(i forgot to say it, but thought I'd put it  here and talk about it next week!


Finished my Hat! So fun and easy.  Do you think it's slouchy enough? should it be slouchier? Help!

Mother Bear #1 is done from me!

Thanks to(another army of bears), , , and for adding more bears... you guys are too much!

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