Friday, September 2, 2011

Episode 27: Plurk Podcaster Challenge PROJECT!!!

Plurk Podcaster Challenge PROJECT!!!

Who's with me!?!?!

Do you need a great hat for winter? Do you want to KAL with me? Do you want to help me beat the other podcasters!?!?!?!?  Then JOIN me!!!!  WOOHOOOO!!!!

Here's the pattern:

Scathach's Hat


Work and Went up to see the honey in the little plane.  Gotta replace her muffler, bummer.


Interrupting Cow Socks, Cable Comfort Throw



Take Off:

Starving Artist, Plurk challenge hat, mother bear


How I learned to Navajo Ply on a wheel:

Falkland Candy Corn colorway from Highland Handmades

Reservations: - Thanks for you support so far!

Mother Bear Projects:  Get your needles going! The time is now!  Here is the nice woman who will send you the Knit in the round pattern for mother bear.  Katmcab is the woman to contact!

Plurk Podcaster Challenge:  See link at the top of the page for pattern. Very cute little hat. I am gonna try to make mine, non slouchy! :) Come on! Let's go! Prize entry's for everyone who joins the mother bear, hat, or the purple baby hats... each will have their own prizes and their own pool of names!

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  1. Count me in....I will be casting on when I get home!!!

    I am realyankee on ravelry!!!