Saturday, September 10, 2011

Episode 28: She's BAAAACCCCKKK!


We are ridiculous this week with laughter and fun... pardon the tangents!

Just work this week.  Little plane is down for Mx. New muffler, door seals, oil change, cylinder gasket, clock.  We already installed the new carpet.  My honey is awesome and motivating and supportive... keeps pushing me when I get frustrated! I love him! Going to the Fiber College tomorrow to visit with Heather and Tina and check it out. Prolly go see my honey on Sunday!


Cable Comfort Throw
Interrupting Cow Socks 
One more... that will be discussed later



Take Off:

Not much

Ground Stop:

Busy with my honey over the weekend working on the plane, long ongoing project for us. organizing the house, big time, purging and cleaning... good feeling, but hard work.


Slight bit of work on the merino Tencel from Highland handmades, but nothing significant


DebKnits2 - 4 hats for the  Thank you so much!

Thanks to BritKnits and Sockbunny for mentioning it on their podcasts!

PPC update:

Pattern: Scathach's Hat

Thanks to so many of you who are joining me!  I have been floored by the number of KAL participants and how the hats have come out... they look awesome!

Mother Bear:  We are rocking the house on bears! I am so impressed by all of you who have whipped them out already:rjhuggz, 1to1, TMYinHNL, and  jeffner77... who has whipped up 10 already... Way to make a pile of bears... mine is coming... Erin is onto us... keep knitting!

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  1. I am so jealous. You two were having so much fun! Wish I could have been there too. Thanks for letting everyone join you in the laughter.