Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Episode 9: HE'S HOME

Sorry. I messed up the audio... Will have to re record soon... Bummer!

Yes I meant for all caps!! My Honey is home and I couldn't be more thrilled or more distracted!! In the best way of course. Just a short check in and hello and thank you to all who were excited with me!


  1. Um the video feed came in fine, but I can't hear any sound. The ads played fine, so I'm not sure what's going on. You might want to check on that.

  2. I also can hear NOTHING- I can see you and you look happy but nada no sound! :-(

  3. Hello! I recently discovered your video podcast, after tomorrow i will all caught up on them :) I'm happy for ya that your honey is home with you! I do have a question for you, i heard you mention that someone asked you about taking the knitting needles on the plane with you. I will be flying in about 5 wks and was wondering are there any rules to the knitting needles? I packed them in my regular luggage last year and not in my carry on just to be safe from getting stopped but figured they were okay to take since Delta's site did not list them on the prohibited list. But are there any extra rules i should know? TIA!! Keep up the great podcast they make my day go by faster while i'm at work :)